MHDT or Border Patrol

I've been switching between a DACmagic Pus with an LPS, and a Schiit Modi Multibit DACs and while the sound is decent/acceptable I would like to "upgrade" to a non-OS tube DAC just to see if it adds more body and texture to the music without losing detail. Has anyone had a chance to compare the MHDT and Border Patrol DACs and can comment on their sound quality?  I have Bluesound Node2 feeding the DAC, into an upgraded Aric Audio tube preamp, McIntosh MC2200, and Vandersteen 2Ci speakers. I'm actually looking for more texture in the low/high treble and mid/low bass. Aric's preamp gives plenty of body/texture in the midrange spectrum.
Thanks in advance.  
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It’s nice to listen to music again and if I’ve learned anything, I’ll never let perfect specs dictate a decision again. Gotta listen to it at home on your system with your speakers and room setting.

Quote of the day/week/month. Always good to keep in mind audio gear is a blend of both science and art. As much as I like the gear side of this hobby it's just a means to an end .. enjoying music. Instead of the endless arguments, it would be nice if both objectivists and subjectivists would embrace the idea that good engineering is the foundation allowing art to soar. One without the other is handicapped. To quote Aristotle, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts".
Great input, thanks. I’m also following the other thread about the Border Patrol DAC with great interest and try to weigh the options. The Orchid seems to be slightly more reasonably priced than the BP SE model and looks a little nicer too.
I've been mulling over the Border Patrol for a few weeks and considering its merits against an iFi DSD Pro which seems to get great reviews for its sound, has tons of filters and sound adjustments to fine tune to your taste, and incorporates a tube with a few ways to add it into the sound.  I only recently read about the MHDT DAC and had never heard of it before at all.

Is anyone using it via USB from an iPhone or iPad streaming Tidal or Spotify?  That's my main source most of the time, so if the MHDT can handle that, I'll have to add them into the mix.
I'm not using the USB input, but as I'm writing this, I'm listening to a solo cello recording from SoundCloud, through a Chromecast, into the optic input.

I would contact MHDT Labs about their USB input to see if anything is needed. 
Thanks.  Reached out last night and it sounds like they have tested it with Android devices with success but no iOS devices.  Though I assume that bodes well for iOS and other such lower power USB devices, they said they would test an iPhone soon to confirm.