MH MMF-7 seems high/lean/bright sounding?

I have a new MH MMF-7 with stock cartridge and musical surroundings phono pre and kimber hero cables. (maybe 10 hours of play?) The soound is kinda lean? I used a sure stylus guage to set the cartridge and did level platter and not just the one on it. Am I missing some adjustments? It was set at the factory. Any help? Sorry, I am new to vinyl and this forum. So I assume this has come up before......but I can't find it. Any table tips would be great!
I have an MMF-7 also, but no lean sound. I am using a Conrad-Johnson EF-1 phono stage, which is a little richer sounding than the MS, Transparent Reference phono interconnects, and Nordost Red Dawns from the EF-1 to the linestage. I have used the Kimber Heros for various connections in the past and have found them to be somewhat dull with my gear. You may want to try something else in the place of them to see if the sound changes.
Improperly set VTA can result in a very lean sound. This has been much discussed here and I suggest you do a bit of research on this. Having the arm parallel to the platter doesn't result in correct VTA.
In addition to VTA probably being a little off, that lean sound could also improve with playtime. Sounds like everything is new from your description. It could take anywhere from 20 to 150 hours for things to start sounding right. Be patient, go slowly.
Note: I made one BIG mistake using the sure guage. In order to get 1.7 tracking you have to go to the 2nd line. I doubled at 1.5 way too heavy. I readjusted and things seem a LOT better! Before I do any more "fine tune" on tracking I am going to give some more break-in time. I have NEW records and with various types music and quality. But anymore help is very much needed. I am so new at this I am just wanting to get "educated"....LOL!..with out too many "mistakes" on my part. I am going to check the VTA....?????? (keep my fingers crossed). Also double cartridge setting too. ( and yes.. I took off the swinging weight when I adjusted the tracking force )
The VTF for the supplied cartridge should be factory set. The Shure vtf (vertical tracking force) stylus gauge is a good one. Set your cartridge the recommended vtf.
Then as you say wait till the cartridge breaks in. Then just adjust your vtf slightly up and down from your reference while listening to some well recorder music that you are familiar with to fine tune it.

adjusting vtf will change vta, although be it slightly.