MH 750 Help?

I have been using generic speaker cable but just picked up MH 750 bi-wired. Can someone out there help me identify the different era's and types. I read reviews but have trouble telling series apart and what is worth. I hope this was a decent price and seemed to be market norm. I know it's not the tube terminators. Was it still a good move? I imagine it will be a huge upgrade from best buy spools.

The slow, i'm poor, building of my system is as follows....
So far I have acquired LSA 1's, was gifted an old HH Scott 340 (Mmm... telefunken), and a MMF-5. My wallet and ears are hoping for a Rogue Cronus down the line. I like the sound at the price, and tubes appeal to me. Perhaps there will be a Peachtree decco2 as a stepping tone.
I hope this helps you with identifying what era...if your cables have a smooth skin they are early production with rough skin later date. The terminated boxes came later on with models for tube gear and SS..most likely you could use either model and not know the difference. There is most likely MIT cable experts here that can help more...the best,.
Thanks... I also forgot the link, so I can get real feedback if I made the right move.
It appears you got the CVterminator model, at a very good price. A step up from the original MH 750. Don't they have the name on the side of the junction box?