MGD Classic Chameleon Loudspeakers

I'm using Michael Green products with great results. I have an assortment of PZCs, a SAM, a performance rack and MGD cables. The most recent addition to my system is his Classic Chameleon music producers. I say music producers because they sound like no loudspeaker I have ever heard. I have owned the Chameleons for two weeks. So this mini-review might be a bit premature. I will post more details in a couple of months.

The Chameleons are a two-way design. The cabinets are beautifully crafted pressed cherry with cherry vener and hardwood trim. They stand are 42"H x 11"W x 17" D. The cross-overs are external. The speakers are hollow and tunable. If you want further details on the construction, check out Jim Bookhard's excellent review on the Audio Asylum review page.

The music produced by the Chameleons is about as live as I have ever heard in a home system. Sound Stage, imaging, placement, are all better then I have ever heard. The tonal quality is right on. Absolutely no coloration that I can hear. The layering is excellent. On good recordings it's almost as though I can reach around the performers. There is just a presence that I have not heard in other speakers. The soundscape the Chameleons present is natural and real.
I had the great pleasure to listen to Tom's system last week, and after careful consideration, I think it was even better than Tom states.

While it seemed a little bright, the system is still breaking in and is expected to mellow some. However, I've never heard a system that could re-create the sense of a live performance like Tom's. The imaging and depth was startling. The peformers and instruments, especially piano were truly life-size. Not too large or small, just right.

While I enjoyed auditioning Tom's system, I didn't truly appreciate it's splendor until a few days had gone by. Perhaps that was because I had to come back to my own system that while good, isn't in the same league in creating a believable soundstage and listening experience.

If you ever get a chance to listen to a Michael Green system, don't pass it up. You have to hear it to believe it.

Tom. . .I'd like to have another listen in about a month, once you've really broken it in. Thanks for the great experience.

Thanks for the kind words Ken. I usually get treated as a audio heretic when I post about Michael's products. Mostly by people who have never heard a MGD system or are not willing to consider an alternative to normal audio industry practices.

Anyway, my system is breaking in nicely. I spoke with Michael a couple days ago. He said the best is yet to come.

You are welcome to come for a listen anytime.