MG12 QR Maggies with Mye stands, or 1.7i's with stock stands?

Hi all - first post here.  I'm in a quandary.  I have the MG 12 QR maggies with the DMW panel for bass.  Want to get the next step in sound, and was thinking of getting the Mye stands for them, but got to thinking if it wasn't better to upgrade to the 1.7i's.  Don't want to spend the $$ on the stands and then upgrade anyway.  

So - looking for opinions.  Would i get better sound out of stock 1.7i's or with the 12 QR's with the Mye stands?

Running Musical Fidelity A308 to drive them. (300W @ 4 ohms)

Thanks in advance for all your expertise!
I've had Maggie 1.7s for over four years (bought Nov. 2013). They're not the "i" version, but I figure I've run them hot enough to turn them into the "i" version. I power them with a Perreaux PMF1150B power amp with an all-tube front end. Bass is augmented by a pair of tiny discontinued Mirage MM8 subwoofers, which match with the 1.7s very well. Four+ years later, I am still extremely happy with these speakers, and anything I run through them captivates and monopolizes my attention. At $2K plus subs, they are crazy hard to beat.
Thanks - glad you are enjoying your speakers.  I'm wondering if I'd get close to that level of satisfaction with just adding the Mye stands to my 12 QR's.  They seem to be pretty close to the 1.7's - albeit a little smaller.  Have you compared your 1.7's to say maybe the MMG (which i think the MGQR12 was between the 1.6(7?) and MMG when I got them), and how strong a difference there was?  I like what have now, but hear the Mye stands really tighten focus and imaging, which i'd like to get better.  Just don't know if i'd get that and more with just upgrading to the 1.7i's.  

I did try to add a sub at one time (Klipsh RW-8) but never felt i got good integration.  Seemed to be either too much boominess, or no added bass, thus I got the DMW.
First off, how big is your room?  Will it accommodate the bigger 1.7's? I'm partial to modding Maggie's myself and there are others who believe they're fine as they are.  I have MMG's in a 12' by 18' room and have done the following... Chucked the stock stands and fashioned metal "L" brackets to position the speakers at a perfect 90 degrees. I then anchored the brackets to 12" by 15" by 2" thick  Mapleshade speaker platforms, this raised the speakers about 6" off the ground as well as adding weight and stability to the speakers. I upgraded the fuses and replaced the metal jumpers with 3" runs of Mapleshade solid core speaker wire. The end results for me have been much better focus, probably a half octave of bass and a bigger, fuller presentation. There are far more elaborate mods that can be performed and if you scan the Magnepan user groups you will find an endless amount of things that folks have done to their Maggie's.    One site in particular to check is the Magnestand site where "Peter Gunn" (not his real name) does a complete overhaul on certain Maggie's (the 12 is one of his fave's) which includes new frames, a rebuilt crossover and other mod's, however the price of admission is several times the cost of the base speakers.  Those that have done it swear by the end result and I've yet to read of anyone regretting their investment.  Any how, keep us posted as to what you decide to do and good luck!
Thanks for the reply.  My room is in the basement with low ceilings (sadly) and oddly shaped - one wall opens to a stairway.  Basically 22' by 15' across, with 5' of it 6'3" ceiling, and the other 10' with 7'3" ceiling (darned plenum!).
I have the room arranged with one end of the room a theater and the other half my listening area.  I have the maggies essentially in the middle of the room facing away from the theater area, with the listening position against the wall.  I had it the other way (with the maggies about 4' from the wall) but found I got more spaciousness this way.  

I spent a lot of time looking at Peter Gunn's website yesterday, sounds rally good, but my wife says "they look like doors" - ugh.

Also found the MUG site and some crossover tweaks that look interesting - so i may just try those, and am thinking of building a base for them to get them solid to the floor.  I do think PG's thoughts that the wood absorbing the waves is an interesting observation and may ultimately lead me there.  I'll keep you posted, but it may take me some time to find time to get there!  thanks again all!  
Bought the 1.7s a couple years back and love them. I didn’t get custom stands but rising them off the floor a bit and changing tilt angle goes a long way. I, too, like to mod and I changed the high register cap to cut the glare. Changed out the lousy steel jumpers and connectors. Use newest model Anticable speaker cables. Drive them with custom Odyssey monos and a Don Sachs pre. Run high res downloads thru an all tube DAC with NOS tubes. I’m very happily listening to great music just about every night. Those 1.7 (i) are one of the best values in audio IMHO. Buy them.
The 1.7Is are well beyond the MG 12 even w My stands.