MG1 air- bearing tone-arm

I don't see any feedback on this arm. Has anybody here tried it? I want to set up my old Oracle and give it a spin. You can't beat the price. I also need help finding a belt?
Suggest you read Arthur Salvatore's text-- particularly regarding MG-1 bearing noise-- at

Any air pulsing will adversely affect stylus. While this arm is cheap, the recommended pump is not. Then check out Trans-Fi Terminator-- more expensive but works fine with a $75 aquarium pump and DIY flow tank. Finally, on a lightly sprung table like Oracle the leveling may change as the arm travels down the manifold.
Search the archives, there were a few posts by users a couple of years back. Try sending those members and email.
I have one on my Bix and I really enjoy. It doesn't seem as finicky as people often describe linear trackers in general.

There is one 1/2" bolt that secures it any armboard, and then it has 3 spike which you can adjust with an Allen wrench from the top. At first this did not seem very secure, but the base is very adjustable as such and very secure to the armboard. You can make fine adjustment very easily (as opposed to my JS Stancampiano linear).

I have a new table on the way and I should blog about setting up the MG1.

It has a free liquid damping trough available to a buyer after one year for free. The Alita pump is somewhat loud, but I put it in a wood box, and it sits in a cabinet on a piece of foam; can't hear it and though it heats up, it doesn't go Chernobyl.

I've used MG-1 with excellent results on my Oracle Premiere Mk IV. Takes a while to set it up, and then you have to check it quite often for proper leveling (you need a small level and a Hex wrench to adjust the screws in the base of arm), so arm-tube does not have a tendency to slide in or out on the air bearing tube (sort of equivalent to anti-skate on pivoted arms). Set-up is much easier on non-suspended tables for sure, but I had to do with what I got :-) It is also a bit tricky to try position the air tube and connectors in a way that doesn't affect Oracle's suspension. I also used the table with suspension defeated by letting sub-platter rest on heavy lucite pucks. But then you might as well get a non-suspended table :-)

Oracle belts are available from for a measly $10 - $15. I compared them to original Oracle ones, and they seems to be identical.
Thanks for the info, Mark.

English is not my first languish so please forgive any mistakes.
I own Mg1 about four months sitting on a VPI TNT 6.
No more to say that I sold a SME V right after the installation.
Even my friend with mega dollars system bought one right after.
Only positives and one negative: needs time for proper set up but on the other hand I spend also a lot of time to make SME works good enough(no it is not easy to make SME play good enough whatever people say. My 15 years of experience with IV and V says different things).
Leveling took me a lot of time to understand how it is working and how I will get best results.
Since I had no experience with linear tracking arms I read and I asked a lot of my audiophile friends and chats on internet most of them mention lacking bass response of this kind tone arms.
I never feel such a thing.

Major advantage is the designer Mr. Ada Lin.
Polite and helpful answered in any question in a very short time.
I tried different cartridges and the arm shows their character easy with positives and negatives as should be (Denon DL103R, ZYX R50 ,ZYX R100H, GOLDRING 1042).
One of the best I ever heard

My best regards
Thank you, Gerasimos. It seems feedback is mostly positive. I think the bass response issue has to do with good TT damping by the looks of the MG1.