MG Audio designs cables anyone?


Any opinions on the interconnects from MG audio designs who just got a glowing review from stereo mojo claiming they top k$ cables ?

Thanks in advance to all repliers.
Hey Icorem,

I'm a reviewer for the website and have MG Audio Designs complete set of wires in for review. So far, they are shockingly good in their sonic performance. I'm running different sets of their IC's either their total copper or total silver designs with their reference speaker cable in two different systems. These cables and speaker wires are not just good for the very reasonable price they sell them for, but compete with any cables on the market today, regardless of price. My reference loom in my reviewing system is all top level Stealth wire( Indra, Metacarbon, Dream) which is great, yet MG Audio wires sonic performance might be better. I'm still figuring it out what combination works best in my system. Even at this point in time I recommend you audition these wires if you are interested in them. You get a 30 day home auditioning period with no restocking fee and they are great people to work with.

Thanks for that.
When your review will be published ?
teajay, when is your review coming out?

I expect my review will be posted sometime in early October. It will be inconjunction with other wires and two way speaker systems. It clearly is the winner in my survey regardless of price. Hope you setup an audition through MG Audio, so you can try it in your system and get your own take on them,
I couldn't wait for teejay's review to come out and thought that I will utilize the 30 days return period but -

Even Straight out the mailing box and better after some 48 hours of breaking in I can tell that these cables are truly something special.

I took 1m of the silver xlr between my Esoteric source to my MC pre and 1.5m hybrids xlr between pre and amp and all I can say that I have never had any combo of cables that made such a huge impact. Very neutral, added clarity and sheer almost unforgiving detail. Highly recommended and Greg is a classy guy to communicate with.


If you read what I wrote one post above your last, you'll notice that I could not wait and bought the IC's myself with glorious results so far...

where is your review on the MG cables ?
Hi Icorem,

My review will be coming out sometime early next year. The MG Cables (Silver IC's/ Planus II) replaced all the more expensive Stealth loom in my system. I can honestly state I have heard no better wires regardless of cost. Enjoy your MG Cables/music!
Thanks Teajay

wow - I thought your piece on the MG was ready to be published some 4 months ago....
I have MG Audio silver ICs and Planus II speaker cables and couldn't be happier. Put them into my office system and not looking back. The principals are also easy to deal with - as a matter of fact, Greg even came down to my office (I live in Denver) to swap out some cables!

As word of mouth spreads, these guys could get big in a hurry.
Just placed an order with Greg on the planus 2 SC to match my already beloved AG and HB ICs. Greg is always top class to do business with.
TJ, any updates?