MG 3.6 and MG-1.6 Replacements Coming?

Does anyone have info on Magnepan's replacement plans for
these two models? They are both now of the age that the 1.5 and 3.5 were when they were replaced.

My hope is that they will do what they did to the new 20.1...which is to make the midrage had dramatic impact on the 20.1 vs. 20.

For most of us...we could just use a down-sized 20.1 to replace the 3.6.

Thanks for any input/info you have to share.
I spoke to Steve Weiney at the factory a couple of months ago on the subject and at that time he said no plans were presently in the works for a revamp of either????
Hi Flynntom, Yes that is what they were saying only a few months before the 20.1 replaced the 20.,,,but who knows.

I have owned the 1.6, 3.6 and 20...but not the 20.1. As much as I like the 1.6 and 3.6...they are in need of the sound of the 20.1 proves over the 20.
Hi Whatjd, If I were to take a guess at the thinking on this I'd have to say that a 3.6 with the Push pull mid config. would probably perform well enough to cut into 20.1 sales in a big an possibly unacceptable way.
A little off the subject but this does relate. I have heard that a replacement for the CC3 with a ribbon tweeter is in the works.
Flynntom hit the nail on the head. Same would go from a 1.6 upgraded and thus more costly would interfer with 3.6 sales. I am very familiar with the 20.1 construction and the 3.6, magnepan would be DUMB to implement the push pull driver on 3.6- 20.1 sales would drop off in a big way.
Thanks for your thoughts...but how many 20.1 does Magnepan sell? My guess is that the sales/profits from an upgraded 1.6 and 3.6 would do more for Magnepans bottom line than letting them get older...just to keep the 20.1 at it's current sales level. Also, a push-pull 1.6 could easily justify 2500.00+ and the upgraded 3.6 could likely go for a grand more than the current model....kinda like how many 5a does Vandy sell compared to the model 2 and 3...and doing the 2sig and 3sig..using stuff they learned on the 5 only helped their sales....I feel the same thing would happen to the Maggie line.

The 20.1 would still have the di-planer bass panel...larger panels over-all..and better crossover.
You very may well be right, however, there are more 20.1's out there then you think. Most people don't part with them, and from my experience they seldom contribute to the forums. I don't know what the current 1.6 sells for but I suspect its in the high one thousand dollar range, a jump to 2500+ would price them out of there market- lets face it a lot of 1.6 buyers are making a stretch just to get into a nearly $2000 speaker and all the equipment required to make them sing.

You are also mistaken about a better crossover on the 20.1, they use the same horrible components they use through out the line. With the push pull driver it demands larger values(of caps/inductors) for the speaker to function, and one less inductor then the 3.6. That's the extent of being a "better crossover", I've looked into on more then once before. I am not saying the 20.1 doesn't have greater potential then the 3.6, however at this time(and in particular with my current room) its not worth the price of admission to me.

If they were to increase the 3.6 or the new version of it to $5700, they wouldn't sell. The speakers are poorly constructed and use cheap components and wouldn't sell nearly as well. Competetion is getting more fierce in the sanely priced marked, pricing yourself out of the market wouldn't work with out addressing these issues. In particular when your product looks and feels cheap compared to the competetion in its current price range.
Hey, How about this? The MMG with lets say about a 24 inch ribbon tweet at around $700.00 !!!???
Hi whatjd, Sorry, I kind of got off topic with that last one. Guess ya got me into a Maggie revamp state of mind. I do have to admit that after a couple of listening (Dreaming) sessions with the 20.1s and my favs. that the Idea of a 3.6 with that mid at around half the price of the 20.1s is certainly something to ponder. Who knows what the gang in White Bear Lake is up to. If the goodies of the last half dozen years are any indication, it should be interesting to see or I should say hear.
Well, unless time stands still, the 1.6 and 3.6 will be replaced..just as the III, IIIa, 3.3, 3.5..etc well as the 1...through 1.6. So, the debate is not should Magnepan stick their head in the to where they go from thoughts are to update their best selling models, and make the most of what has been good to them.