MG 20 R with Pass Labs XVR1 crossover settings ?

I am hoping that some members are using the Pass Labs XVR1 active crossover with their 20Rs. Certainly I would like to share my settings and to find out any other techniques that you might have discovered using this crossover. One thing for sure is that the XVR1 sounds way more sweeter than my previous Bryston 10B. XVR1 is a fantastic statement product from Pass Labs.
Congratulations, to you Terryakhan, on your Pass Labs crossover for your MG-20R's!

I have two questions for you:

1) Are the settings for slopes/gains on the Pass Labs very different compared to the settings you used when you used the Bryston crossover? When I looked into using the Pass Labs instead of the Bryston I was informed that if the settings for slope/gain were going to be the same as what Magnapan recommended, the sonic improvement would be slight and not dramatic.

2) Would you be nice enough to expound more on what you mean by "way more sweeter" then the Bryston crossover in the performance of your MG-20R's in your system.

I know that the Pass Labs crossover offers unlimited and precise options to fine tune any speaker system and is a world class reference piece, very few people have every heard it and very few could afford it, so good for you, to have it in your system. By the way, does it still retail for around $5000.00 to $6000.00?
So what did you do with the Bryston? Us mere mortals have to live with 3.6 Maggies and Rane's for now. Threshold subs and Manely Reference panels.

Teajay, thank you.
1. Low pass crossover frequency and gain setting are totally different between the two units. My 10B was always set at 200 hz crossover at 18db to get the bass response I was looking for, should I set the Pass at this position the bass overshadows everything else so I have reverted to Magnepan's recommended 100 hz(Pass closest hz is 103) at 12db.
The 10B gain was always at 3 o'clock and the Pass at 11 o'clock.
2. I have owned my 10B for 15 years and loved it very much, however, the Pass is far more superior in every way. Clarity and focus, pace and timing, micro and macro dynamics have dramatically improved. And not to mention the deepest sledge hammer bass. Never thought my 20r's can play music like this. Got me wondering what the 20.1 will sound like. Complex music passages are now extremely easy to follow without paying full attention.
The retail price is now 4000.00 and I hope many more of us can buy this unit, it is worth every penny and if there was some way I could have tried out this unit sooner I would have paid the full 6000.00 list price. This component has created the largest sonic improvement out of my speakers so far.

I sold my 10B and the new owner is seriouly spellbound listening to active biamping with his 3.6
However, I do not feel you need any subs on your 3.6
I do hope more speaker manufacturers will provide bypassable crossover so more of us can active biamp.

I'm seriously thinking use XVR-1 with my MG-20 speaker from 1998. But i have no idea how to tune it with Krell amp and speaker, i want to ask users how how difficult will be.

And thank you for answer.