There are DCC and MFSL versions of Queen-A night at the opera.Which version sounds better?Or japan mini lp replica?
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the japanese replica hands down....the other quessn discs as well.
Jaybo,is there any good cd version of this album?
the mini lp cd or the standard emi/japan version are both as good as it gets. i've been purchasing through '' great service too.
I love vinyl, but if you want to hear the absolute best this recording can sound-get it on DVD-Audio. Hands down it will trump any other pressings.
Wow, I've painstakingly compared two different Japanese masterings (including the mini's), the original EMIs (both UK and West German), the Hollywod, the two DVD-As, the MFSL and the DCC.
The DCC's best -- it's warmer and more detailed than all others with no added compression. The MFSL is a tiny bit better than the EMI, but murkier than the DCC. The others all suffer from too much compression, hyper EQ and noise reduction, or a combination of all three.

Jabas, thank you for doing the comparison and letting us know the results!
So DCC is the winner?Ok I will try that version.Thanks
I second the plug for CDJapan. Good service and fast shippers.