mfsl vs. classic records

which do you think sound better MFSL new/old records or classic records...i want to concentrate on one of these labels,does anyone out there have an idea of the print runs for either label ...thanks
It depends largely on the recording, what tape masters were used and the quality of the pressing run; I've had both good and bad luck with both labels with a slight nod toward MFSL for generally better results in terms of noise free pressings. It's still a bit of a hit or miss world when it comes to quality vinyl but satisfying when you find good pressings of desired performances.
The LPs that sound best to me are the ones I buy used for a buck or so. They and the $1/$2 CDs ALWAYS sound best.
I agree with Stevecham and would also add that there have been significant differences within each label's time frame: for example, early MFSLs were pressed by JVC in Japan, then their UHQR and GAIN. Classic Records also went through various vinyl formulations, etc.

I think, subject to someone else with better knowledge, that generally pressing runs were about 5,000 for each/both? companies.
The older MFSL , higher quality virgin vinyl was used and better quality made in Japan manuufacturing. Cheers
I've had pretty good luck with the MFSL label lately, especially the Silver series.
I want to underscore what Elizabeth said above in that, MFSL and Classic aside, many of my favorite LPs are those that were original stock pressings from the 60s, 70s and 80s, that cost me a buck or two in recent years, and that when cleaned up, deliver all the sonic bliss I could ask for.
with the expection of my copy of the Cars LP, all of my newer MFSL have been stellar. I have bought about 30 of the new pressings, and they are every bit as good as my older versions.

I have had some problems with other 180g newer pressings being rather noisy compared to older vinyl, but the MFSL, as I stated, have all been about as good as it gets for newer vinyl.
MFSL always seems to have the highest quality and my experience with Classic is all over the road some are real good and others have more surface noise and defects than a 50 cent garage sale LP.
There's good and not so good from any company. It's the nature of the business.
Hard to compare titles from MoFi versus Classic since most are different from one another. Mofi (Japan) pressings are for the most part flat and dead quiet. I like the Clarity vinyl 45's from Classic and of course their Led Zeppelin collection in both in 33 and 45, 200gram pressings.