MFSL Ultradisc vs. Ultradisc II

I am looking to buy Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" on MFSL CD. I see them available on ebay in Ultradisc and Ultradisc II versions. Is there a difference in sound between the two of them? Was Ultradisc II a natural progression in sound quality by MFSL?
I'm not positive, but I *think* there was only one MFSL Dark Side issue on CD. The one I own is on a gold CD. They may be referring to the gold CDs as "Ultradisc II" and the older, silver MFSL CDs as Ultradisc 1. If that's true and there is an option...go with the newer, gold CD. The newer mastering process should sound better. In the later years, MFSL introduced an even newer mastering system called the "Gain 2" system, but I don't think there was a version of Dark Side issued using that process.
For the kind of money that people are getting for DSOTM on MSFL Gold CD, you might want to consider buying the "Shine On" collectors box (5 or 6 CD's & book, & other memorabilia in the box) that was released several years ago. The mastering and audio quality is exceptional. E-mail me for more info, if you want. Happy Tunes!
I have both Dark Side (UDCD 517) and Meddle (UDCD 518) both are labled on the back as Ultradisc II. I bought Dark Side new in the original long box packaging. I believe it was later issued in smaller packaging, but same disc.
There are two versions of Floyd's DSOM. UltraDisc I (Gold disc) which was made in Japan and released April-1988. Then MFSL re-released DSOM in UltraDisc II (all UltraDisc II's are made in the USA). MFSL never released aluminum CD version of DSOM or any Floyd. Watch the fraudulent acitiviy on eBay. Do the research.

Been collecting MFSL CDs since 1984, (Sonny Rollins-Way out West is the first MFSL aluminum CD ever printed). And own every single UltraDisc I and II that was ever made. In fact I still have a lot of sealed ones in long boxes but not selling (don't ask).
I think Ultradisc gold were made in Japan and the Ultradisc II gold in the U.S.
Some of the prices for these disks are way out there (r.g. 150-200 dollars for the wall). I got DSOTM on MFSL, used, for $48 , a decent price.
Try getting the Japanese releases, which are very, very good. I tried the Japanese releases of WYWH and the Wall (mini LP CD package), the quality if excellent.

My one gripe with all the CD editions of DSOM is the wide differences in loudness.
The MF Ultradisc one has been mastered really quietly-the most recent remaster the '94 one and the MF are the best in my opinion,the Shine On(box set) version is just behind....of course the new Echoes compilation has new mastered versions of some of the tracks.....the Jap mini sleeves are repackaged '94 mastered versions.
OK, here's the long answer to your post:

For a lot of information regarding the difference between UD I's and UD II's, I would refer anyone who is interested to both the old dcc discussion group ( and the MFSL FAQ at:

As indicated in some of the above posts, all UD I MFSLs were pressed in Japan (except for UDCD 503 and 563), whereas the UD II's were pressed in the United States. Approximately 40 discs were released in both UD I and UD II versions (UDCD 505, 507, and ~509-567, with some exceptions).

As stated in the MFSL FAQ, the reason MFSL originally went with a Japanese CD pressing plant is most likely because at that time (1987) there were only a few US CD pressing plants, all of which were running at full, or very close to full, capacity, and were thus unable to guarantee meeting either Mobile Fidelity’s quality standards or pressing needs. In addition, at that time it was commonly believed that the quality standards of Japanese plants were the highest of any in the world.

According to a few individuals who have compared the UD I of DSOTM (and other MFSLs) to their corresponding UD II versions, the UD I version sounds superior, allegedly on account of the higher quality of pressing available in Japan compared to the U.S. at the time. (I only have the UD I of DSOTM, so cannot comment). In any event, it is undisputed that the UD I version is more rare.

Thus, if you can get the UD I for the same price as the UD II, go for the UD I.
Thanks a lot for your response to my post guys. It seems that the original pressing made in Japan may have some quality advantage over the US pressing. I will also look for the Japanese mini lp editions.
I bought the Japanese faux mini-lp pressing of Animals and I think it is terrible. Mine sounds bright, harsh, and devoid of bass. I can not recommend that disc. I do enjoy my UDII MFSL DSOTM, which I bought used a couple of years ago. I would say the MFSL mastering is no better than my Wish You Were Here remaster by Doug Sax, which is outstanding, IMHO. Good Luck, Charlie.
And one more thing to consider...

Yeah...the MFSL DSOTM mastering may have been superior at the time (late 80s? very early 90s?), but mastering technology has improved a great deal since then. I'm not saying that a current remastering is necessarily going to sound better, but it *should* sound better due to technological advances (of course there is always the mastering engineer to consider, and no amount of modern equipment will make a bad engineer's work sound good).
I picked up the latest WYWH new remastering (Capitol, I think), and it was horrible.
Boomy in the mid-bass, not deep bass, compressed sound, too peppy in the mid/highs.