MFSL Super Deep Cleaner or Enzyme?

I've been using RRL, now MFSL cleaners for several yrs. So when I ran out, I ordered more. However, they now make an Enzyme cleaner. So I ordered the Enzyme cleaner and the Super Deep Cleaner. I used to use the Super Deep cleaner, followed by the Super record wash as per their previous instructions. However when the new cleaners got here I noticed that there is twice the amount of Enzyme than the Deep Cleaner. So, I'm wondering why I should use the Super Deep Cleaner at all. The Enzyme cleaner is supposed to be as good or better than the Deep cleaner from what I have read. And it is cheaper than the deep cleaner. So, is there a reason why I should spend nearly twice the $$$ and use the Deep cleaner instead of the Enzyme?
FWIW, I have been using the Enzyme cleaner and rinsing with distilled water, using my Nitty Gritty cleaning machine. The records shine like they have not done before. The Enzyme cleaner has proven to be a great cleaner IMO. The deep clean is good, but I'm not sure its as good as the Enzyme.

Anyway, anyone have any thoughts on this?
I use the enzyme cleaner and steam. I was skeptical at first, but after listening to the records cleaned with Mofi, I wouldn't use anything else. You don't need much to get a really clean, click-free surface.
I was an RRL user for years, but always found it beneficial to use enzymes on noisier records. Back then I used Buggtussel, which eliminated many clicks and pops. Vacuuming is done on our Loricraft PRC-3.

When AIVS came out with its current fluids, including an enyme step, I tried them and they worked much better. I also learned that RRL Super Vinyl Wash sometimes contained a leave-behind lubricant that made for quiet backgrounds but smothered the life out of the music. Grrr! IME AIVS's Enymatic is the ONLY fluid that removes that layer. (Note: MoFi branded SVW does not contain any lubricant.)

Then MoFi came out with its own enzyme fluid, which you're trying now. I A/B'd that extensively with AIVS and had a slight preference for the latter, partly for the reason noted above. Either enzyme fluid is clearly better than Deep Cleaner, which I find does little. I have some left over that I'll never use.

FWIW, my current regimen involves 4 AIVS fluids, including two rinses with their Ultra Pure Water (audibly superior to plain distilled, at least in our system). Every step adds audible benefits or we wouldn't do it, but it does take time and cost more. How far one chooses to go is of course a personal decision.

As for steaming, I've tried it and I've A/B'd a friend's steam-cleaned record with my AIVS regime. No contest. If anyone wants to buy a barely used steamer...
I have been using the MFSL Enzyme with the Walker step 3 rinse on new vinyl and have been pleased with the results. I continue to use the Walker 4 step prelude on used vinyl. I doo use L'Art du son on some new as well, I really can't say which is better. I have tried the L'Art Du son then gone back withe the MoFi and not heard any difference. But on new I think once the release agent is removed there can't be any improvement.
Dishwasher detergent, and steam provides me superior results. Of course you need to rinse, rinse etc. Yes, over the last fifty years I have tried all the hi end solutions and techniques and all were lacking, and expensive. Hey, if dishwasher stuff is good for the birds in the Gulf, why not your records.
"Commercial" enzyme cleaner:


I've used ALL of the "approved" LP enzyme cleaners. Their performance ranged from very good to bad. Sporicin mixed 1 oz. to one quart of distilled/filtered water works BETTER than ANY of them and at a small fraction of the cost.

But none of them is better than Disc Doctor and it is the most economical
Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs "Plus" enzyme cleaning solution has been improved and the new formula will be available at Music Direct soon.

08-07-10: Doak
"Commercial" enzyme cleaner:

I was discussing this product for record cleaning almost three years ago, although if you do a search for sporicidin in the threads nothing comes up. I think the thread might have been nuked.

Glad to see you're having good success with it, and that you're spreading the word!
Ive been using the Enzyme Plus for over a year now. New or used vynil. I place the lp on a clean micro fibre cloth squirt a little around the LP and clean it with a disc doctor brush. Then on to the record cleaner for a vacuum , a clean rinse and vacuum. Getting great results. I really notice it on the used vynil which I let sit a few minutes before hitting it with the brush. A little goes a long way. Cheers
I agree that an enzyme cleaner does not take the place of a "standard" detergent type cleaner. I use the enzyme cleaner on the records that appear to need it and follow with L'Art du Son - my fave after trying many other cleaning fluids including DIY formulas. These are used in conjunction with steam cleaning which IMO is the biggest jump since my starting to use enzyme cleaners.
From what I read you can use the Enzyme cleaner followed by the rinse. Super Deep Cleaner is no longer required.

I got a sample of the new version of the enzyme cleaner a few weeks ago. It does am improved job IMO.
Something interesting, when you use 1-Step cleaners:
Check your diamond, it can be possible, that it will get dirty, even when you use a RCM. The reason is the cleaning solution. Sometimes the mix is not done right and it can't be removed completely out of the grooves.
This is something you should check (no matter what machine you use). When you discover some dirt on the needle even after regular use with the RCM, switch to a enzyme based fluid. They don't show this problem.
Thanks for the replies.

Doug. I have wondered about the AIVS cleaners but haven't read much about them. Then too, I've been hanging out at the low budget vinyl forum where DIY seems to reign, Maybe I should change that since I generally come here for answers anyway. I believe the AIVS cleaner is in the same price range as the MoFi cleaner too, unlike the Walker cleaner which is rather pricey.

I have not tried the steam cleaning which has become popular with some. But at this point, I'm getting good results from the MoFi Enzyme and distilled water. I may order some of the MoFi (or AIVS) Ultra pure rinse. I'll also try the AIVS cleaner but I just did get the MoFi cleaner, so it may be a while before I order it.

Anyway, thanks to all for your insight