MFSL Silver label Vinyl-English Beat-

Wondering what others opinions were.

I am pretty disappointed. I purchased the English Beat-Special Beat Service and found it so bright and harsh at the higher frequencies.

I have the same LP in different origins, US, UK, and Japanese----the MFSL fell short to all of them. The Japanese pressing is simply superb.

There are a couple of other titles released on same Silver label, but after hearing this one, I am holding off---Anyone try other releases? thoughts?
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I have every single one of the MOFI Silver Series releases so far. I have not listened to this title yet, but everything else has been superb.

I'll try to listen to this one this weekend...
i have both dead can dance lps and they sound great
i just ordered the english beat, b-52's and echo and the bunnymen so i'll let you know how they compare
Bummer about the English Beat, I was about to order it. I have the INXS Kick on silver label, and ordered the B-52's. The INXS is absolutely great. I had forgotten what a great album it is, and have really enjoyed this pressing. I found an unopened copy from the early 90's, and this MOFI blew that away.
An update, during my all too numerous record shopping days, I found a used copy of the same release. It was only 7.99, so I figured why not buy it. Playing it right now and it sounds great. It seems my other pressing was recorded at too low a level. In the same set up, my preamp is turned to 2 vs 5 on the other. On the bad record, even at gain 5' the output is lower, no dynamics, and the phono stage noise comes into play.

I may contact mfsl to ask about this.
Not sure why, but on all of my MoFi vinyl releases that I have purchased over the past two years, it seems I always need to turn the volume up on my preamp by about 10% to get the same gain as other non-MoFi LP's. Not sure why.