MFSL SCAD Barb Junger Jeff Spinning Dog Records

I am kind of a cheap guy, but I do not hesitate to plunk down the plastic when I see a good deal or when a retailer treats me right.

I was recently searching for the best prices I could find on two Barb Junger SACD's that I wanted, and ran across the URL for Spinning Dog Records in Austin Texas. I placed an order because the discs were priced less than anywhere else I could find them, and Spinning Dog had some good feedback on Yahoo??

The discs were shipped first class for no extra charge, wrapped like I would wrap a disc, and they got to me in what seemed like no time at all.

Then I got a follow up E-MAIL from Jeff at Spinning Dog to verify everything was good! Since he seemed concerned about me as his customer, I asked if he could get me a good price on a couple of MFSL SACD discs. He did not carry them but was able to get them for me and gave me the best price going (even better than I have seen them going for used on EBAY) When they arrived I found not only the two discs I ordered but a Sampler and a free double disc of some remarkable music from Scandinavia. The sound of the Redbook discs rival the sound/feeling I get from SACD.

I just love it when I am treated as a "valuable customer" and not just another VISA number. It reminds me of the days when local retailers would suggest music and give you a break on list prices if you were a steady customer. (or a music addict)

I am not sure if this is the correct forum to shout out a big thanks, but Jeff is the kind of guy that makes online shopping personable, fun, and a pleasure.

Since my purchase we have traded E-Mails discussing SACD, music and hardware. It sounds to me like he is a music fan first and then a retailer. Don't you wish all retailers were music fans first, I know I do.

Tell him Olson_jr sent you and them tell him more MFSL SCAD rock & jazz!
I love those Barb Jungr Linn SACDs. I have "Chanson - The Space In Between" and "Every Grain of Sand - Barb Jungr Sings Dylan", but I think there are some newer ones. Thanks for the tip on Spinning Dogs

What do you think of the "Every Grain of Sand - Barb Jungr Sings Dylan" disc?

I have Waterloo Sunset and Walking In the Sun. Took a couple of listens but I like both discs.