MFSL reissues

I was under the impression MFSL reissues were limited editions, never to be reissued again. Well I just saw they are reissuing Ricki Lee Jones. I think they did the same with Sinatra too. Any insights? (BTW-my copy of Ricki Lee Jones sound really good).
MFSL can do anything they want. The limited editions usually have a copy number stamped on the cover.
Reissuing would please most people, who would want others to enjoy what they enjoy.
The problem is the original person who bought it for it's collectability,
I one bought it because they wanted something no one else has..?? What can I say.
I buy stuff i want. If twenty million other people own one, I do not stay up at night worrying it is devaluiing my copy.
If you feel it was deliberate misrepresentation by MFSL, then sue them.
The original numbered copies still are better, as the are certain to be 'early stampers'. And so can be sold for a premium anyway.
MFSL went into receivership and was bought out. The current owners are making a different product, no more half speed mastering and pressing at JVC in Japan. And on the plus side, no more smiley face EQ.

They call it MFSL, but it is just a brand name that they aquired.
They do have Special Limited Edition printed on the back but I think that means limited to the number they can sell.

The Beatles did the same thing with their Limited Edition Mono CD Box. As soon as the original pressing of 10,000 sold out they cranked out so many thousands more that you can buy them at a big discount now.

I wish they would stop with the limited edition BS and try to make the SACD a popular format. At least popular enough to get a wide variety of music issued on SACD.