MFSL rare disc- what should i ask for it?

Hi. All you seller and MFSL types. I have what I believe to be an extremely rare MFSL disc of the Youngbloods "Elephant Mountain". I've never seen a copy for sale.
What do you knowledgables think I should ask for it???? It's in excellent shape all around and a great albun to boot. Thanks in advance, Mark
I don't know what it's worth, but I'll buy it just because I vaguely remember it was pretty good many years ago. Let me know!
MFCD 1-792 - The Youngbloods - "Elephant Mountain".

One of the aluminium MoFi CDs. I haven't seen it on eBay for a while. eBay seller joachim.ritter has all the Mobile Fidelity CDs, so perhaps you could ask him. He posts on Steve Hoffman's forum.

A quick glance on shows a few for sale there. Prices range from $27.50 (used, good condition) to around $60 (like new).