MFSL Queen ok or not ?

ok my experience with mobile fidelity sound labs recordings was with Pink Floyd the wall on CD, it was anything but satisfactory I found the bass boosted too much and the treble turned down too much the clarity was much improved but it was totally disappointing I ended up selling it. My question is regarding the MFSL Queen releases are they screwed up like the Floyd or not?
Mejames I hope you got a great price for that Wall double disc-it's worth a few quid.
Could be wrong but I think the best Queen CD's are the Japanese 25th anniversary releases in replica min-vinyl sleeves.
The faults you mentioned are typical of MFSL regardless of the title. You will find the Queen LP just as botched as the others. Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player!
The Queen Platinum Collection is decent. The MoFi CDs are awful. The DCC of "Night at the Opera" is mediocre at best.
If you want specifics, just ask. I've got them all. Now, I'm saddled with over-priced rubbish. Sometimes, 'ya just gotta lose.
I'd be willing to bet that the min-vinyl Japanese releases are indeed the best. It's definately the case with the Elvis Costello collection (sorry for topic deviation).
I agree with Cbucki in regards to the DCC, I was very dissapointed with the "Night at the Opera". I have a feeling Queen's music wasn't recorded well so its not the challenge of finding "the best", its about trying to find something that won't make you ears bleed!
Tireguy Queen's recordings were both ground breaking and considered amongst the best in their day,the reason why Roy Thomas Baker was for a while very much in demand.
Of course it's probably not Audiophile quality which goes for a lot in these parts......
You may be on to something... I like the music, I just have never heard a digital copy sound even "OK".
Maybe they'll release them on SACD............:-)
thanks guys you probably just saved me some $ and disappointment
Mejames see if you can find your favourite Queen album in the 25th Anniversary remastered form-it as good as what is available at the moment.
Good luck.
hello Ben thanks for the tip there is a couple of sets available currently on ebay