MFSL Original Master Loudspeakers OML-2 & OML-1

I just received the latest musicdirect catalog. An ad page caught my attention. It's the loudspeakers from MFSL: OML-2 Towers and OML-1 Monitors.
There were no specs to be found either in the catalog or on or Upon first glance, one could have mistaken the OML-1 monitors for one of the Silverline models.
Does anyone have more info? Will they be showing them at the CES?
i talk to them and they are going to fax me the specs. are these speakers beatiful or what. the guys at music direct are great and they have always told me truth. they say the sound is fantastic, i will be looking for them in vegas
Lferrera, can you please share the specs whenever convenient? Thanks.
They certainly appear to be a Silverline OEM product.
Reasonably priced, I live near Chicago and will audition them at Music Direct.
MD appears to be getting into the equipment business in a big way with Esoteric, Shunyata, these speakers, etc.
I was at their operation in Chicago recently and actually saw the floorstanders. They are beautiful to look at in the fancy finishes, even better than the Silverlines. They were playing at the time but in a room that was way to large to get a true measure of what they sound like under normal conditions. They looked like an incredible bargain. I concur that they are a great outfit to do business with. And their catalogue is a constant temptation replendent with all sorts of goodies to lighten your pockets.
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I work in the loop,so I stop by all the time(maybe too much). They asked me what I thought and I said about the same thing everyone else has. I told them I could give them a better answer if they were in my living room. No such luck.