MFSL moody blues: are they all so good?

I just picked up a MFSL copy of Days of Future Past and was astonished at how much better it sounded than my original deram copy from the late sixties. Are all the MFSL editions of the other 6 classic albums as good i.e. so much better than the original (US) pressings?? If so i had better start saving since they are very expensive on the used market
there as some knowledgeable, and notable critics of MOFI on these message boards, but there are many like myself who LOVE the huge majority of the MOFI pressings. Including the modern ones.

I for one, think the extra cost of the MOFI pressings is always worth it.

Latest great pressing: INXS - Kick
I am also a very strong advocate of MOFI. I have almost all of their complete LP catalog from the very beginning on. I too find, for the most part, the titles to be extremely good.

My pick for newest best pressing: 10,000 Maniacs-In My Tribe
I have all the Moody Blues MFSL on both CD and LP and have never been disappointed. They are expensive, and I had hoped that MFSL would someday re-do them as they did with the Little Feat-Waiting for Columbus LP.
But that is probably just wishful thinking. Another hope is Friday Music would release tham as they seem to like that era. But I assume that the Band had placed a limit on the use of their tapes. When Justin Hayward was involved in the release of the SACD's a few years back he may have gained control of the tapes. I had hoped he would see the profitability in vinyl, but nothing yet. Till then I never play the original releases just the Mo-Fi's. Good Hunting!
MOFI-Love the 10,000 Maniacs disc too.

Just waiting on my Pretenders disc to come now.....
waiting.... waiting......
Macdad-I am waiting also for the Pretenders, (and a few others). Ever since the Silver Series was announced, they have pushed those out pretty quickly, but the regular series has taken a back seat. I am NOT complaining, the Silver Series has been marvelous so far and I have them all.
The MFSL Days of future past is exceptional and one of the best they ever released. Other releases were good but not up to that standard.
Really. This is interesting. I find myself preferring the Derams, but I'm not dis'ing the MOFIs and they still have a place on my shelf.

BTW, my wife and I saw the current version of the Moodys last week as they started a tour of Canada in New Hampshire and Maine. Still worth seeing but I couldn't help feeling they don't have many years left.
After Mike Pinder left, the Moodies were not the Moodies any longer.

His keyboards were the focal point and the glue binding their music, at least for me.

And yes, I own every album (or cd) after "Octave".
THe MoFi of "Seventh Sojourn" is very good but not revolutionary.

Most of the newer CD remasters of the MB albums are very good as well.

Remasters of Octave and their early 80's discs by Justin Hayward are major improvements over the original CD releases as are all the remasters of the classic 7 albums that I have heard, the best sound for these I have heard (and I've heard a lot over the years).

I've posted a few reviews discussing sound quality of MB albums here on agon if interested.

I have never heard a poor recording of DOFP. It's the only original issue MB CD that I have not felt a need to replace or upgrade. it was designed as a statement audio album and has always sounded it. Not always the case with all the other MB albums.

I'm due to see the Moodies live one more time soon before they decide to finally call it quits. They have put on a great show every time I have seen them, at least since the 90's.
Heard the hi-rez download of DOFP. Man was I blown away!
I have not been as impressed with most of the newer Mofi's. I enjoy the earlier pressings much more.
I have some early Decca's, they are toneally good, not "Audiophile Good"
Wonder why MOFI never did In Search of the Lost Chord?
The tapes are deteriorating, which is why I think I like the Derams best. There are piano and flute parts that have been lost.
They did. UDCD 576
I'll take the first pressing Derams and Thresholds any time.

I was blown away by the MOFI of "Days" when I first heard it. Compared to the U.S. Deram pressing,which is horrible, the MOFI is hugely better. The British Deram is another story. BTW, the title is "Days of Future PASSED" not "past".
I have the TP UHQR from MOFI and it is better than both the UK Deram and the reg MOFI. I listen to both the UK and the japanese releases more than either of the MOFI releases. I do not play the UHQR often because I do not want to damage it. I always seem to damage albums I really like and with this one I have no backup.
My first pressing Deram copy of "Days" is spectacular. Brilliantly clear and dynamic.

agree...deram us pressing is mofi is much improved no surprise...have a late 90s cd remaster dofp...sounds great....also threshold comp lp..this is the moody blues sounds stellar.....
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame just announced inductees for 2012.

Still no Moody Blues.

What a joke.

The 2012 inductees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have just been announced.

The Moodies get stiffed again.

Somebody 'splain this to me.

Thanks in advance.
evidently they used noise filters on orig pressings which accounts for the muddy sound...
"The 2012 inductees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have just been announced.

The Moodies get stiffed again.

Somebody 'splain this to me."

My understanding is the choices are made by the R&R HOF proprietors and is highly biased accordingly. Evidence indicates they do not like anything in teh R&R HOF that strays too far from American roots type music. British Progressive or classical styled rock acts have little chance it seems. I think Genesis made it in last year finally but they have little company from other famous "prog" rock acts so far. I think Floyd made it in a while back maybe.

The whole thing is just wrong so I try not to get too upset.
They're in my hall of fame...don't care what the R&R HOF thinks!
Have to agree with Bill on "Days"-my 1st pressing Deram beats the Mofi.
I said Decca, I meant Deram, SORRY!
I think the Japanese SHM versions may be just as good. And you can get new versions for what used MFSL versions cost. Forget about "new" MFSL versions that are out of print.