MFSL LP's & CD's

Hello everyone-I have an extensive collection of MFSL LP's & CD's many of which go back to the original early releases...some of the rare CD's still sealed.I've been considering selling off some to finance equipment upgrades but only get reponses from dealers who seem to want the low ball deal so as to turn around & resale for a hefty profit,additionally I've been quite surprised in trying to price these competitivly that there's a thin market for them
is this a product of the economy we're in now?-or are the MFSL products not as revered as in the past?
Some releases are more coveted than others. Also alot of the titles have been redone not only by MOFI with better technology but by others who say their recording is better. I know The Beatles Rubber Soul is worth alot.last time I saw one for sale it was 300 sealed. You can always list them on Agon for a price you seem fare or list them both here for Ebay/Agon auction. An Item is only worth what a person will give you for it. Good Luck.
go to ebay and do a search for 'closed auctions' to see what each one tends to go for. you can either auction them there or just sell them on this site - for a bit less than ebay prices. MFSLs go for plenty of $, but each title has a different value. some aren't worth much, others go for over $100. hope that helps.
I think that the MFSL is a desirable product to the right person. With the SACD DVD-A a lot of people may have decided that they wouldn't gain from the MFSL releases. However if you have a list available, I would be very interested in seeing if anything sparks my interest. Or you may place an add here on audiogon afetr all musu=ic listings are free.
Yep - check eBay, as suggested. The prices range greatly, depending on the specific title, but there are many that will go for well over $50, some getting over $100, even for opened mint condition discs. Sealed discs go for even more.

An excellent way to finance some system upgrades or new music purchases, IMO.
Please send me your list. I have many I'm hunting for.