MFSL issues...

I'm more record collector rather than seeking the issue that sounds better such as MFSL or other re-issues on vinyl but it happend to me to spot a cheap MFSL of Led Zeppelin II and I realized that MFSL(particularly in this case) sounded totally different from original. There was no issue LZ II I heard with such extended bottom end and blooming-airy highs. The vocal was put background while the original issue has foreground vocal.
So, What's going on there? Did they equalize or boost bass before pressing?
It seems to me the case when they're trying to bring the record to the audiofile standard and if this is the case, I just bought the first and the last MFSL issue.
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Well, they used the original master tapes, but there was somebody else on the mixdown board. How much changes are actually done, probably varies from album to album. I don't have the LZ II MFSL, but I do have some others, and I like them fine. I think alot of what I like about the MFSL copies is the great quality vinyl, and I can get that with a good Japanese pressing, which is usually cheaper, sounds just as good, and uses the original mix. Sometimes there is a generational loss, if the master tape sent to Japan was a copy. Most times I am very satisfied with Japanese pressings.
Actually Led Zeppelin II is one of the better sounding MFSL, most are far worse. At one time I had almost every one made thinking they were the best sounding but over the last decade I have sold over 95% of them and replaced them with original USA issues (white lable promos) and original British issues. This subject has been discussed many times on the vinyl asylum but in general the MFSL have been over processed and in many cases they did Not even have the original master recording as I found out a few years ago when talking to one of the recording engineers that worked for MFSL at the time. They make interesting collectors items but sonically have mush to be desired. (A side note, the actual vinyl was excellent perhaps the best but the mastering process and strange EQ that was used ruined most.) Johnny
Gary Georgi believed that EQ was just fine. The highs are dramatically boosted on most of the reissues that he supervised, often the bass was also tampered with to horrifying effect, just listen to AJA for instance. Interestingly, the first batch was very true to the original LPs, try the Poco or John Klemmer realeases to hear just how good the sound can be. Unfortunately, the music isn't really the best. Was it Doug Sax that mastered this first group? I can't remember any more.
I have several MFSL releases. My ears must be deceiving me. I thought I was listening to some of the sweetest sounding music I'd ever heard. The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Frank Sinatra all performed in my living room last night. I didn't realize they brought Gary Georgi or Doug Sax with them. Now that I know I'm not sure that I really care. In an age where 2 channel recordings are being sliced and diced to fit nicely into 5.1 channels I see no problem with somebody using todays technology to make yesterdays recordings more listenable. I'm the biggest Zeppelin fan on the planet and I've yet to hear a better then mediocre recording of their music. Including the new Classic releases. I'm guessing the reason is the original studio recordings were sub-par. If MFSL could work their magic and bring these songs to life...the way they were meant to be heard...well send them to me if you don't want them.
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