MFSL Gold CD's USA VS made in Japan

I have seen both MFSL Gold CD's touted as either being made in Japan or American Made; both as desirable facts. I guess depending on who's selling which...

My question is; does anybody have an opinion (little doubt of that here) as to which, is sonically (musically) superior or even, if there is any difference between the two.

I try to have both of each title offered that way and can definitively say that every case is unique.

Quick examples: Steeley Dan is muddier on Japan and tighter on USA. (All my friends agree with me that the USA is better). BUT, Dark Side of the Moon is wider on Japan and thinner on USA. (Everyone seems to agree that Japan is better). Basically, it changes with the title.

Believe me, I wish it didn't. It costs $$$$$$'s.
Most people say the UDIs sound better - and that statement alone creates a lot of controversy.

The UDIs are more collectable than the UDIIs as they are a lot rarer. They are therefore more expensive. I have the complete set of made in Japan UDIs (actually one UDI was made in Australia) - except for the weird sound check things that go for huge money.

To be honest, I don't listen to them much.

Thanks, I think...As per usual there is no clear answer. But I do appreciate the feedback.