MFSL Gold cd's

Hi Goners,
How do you calculate what these items are really worth?
Is there some type of reference material for these or just what someone will pay?

Could really use some help here!

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Worth is a very subjective matter.Someone may think a first run copy of "Dark Side Of The Moon" is worth $500.00 and someone else may think it's worth $50.00 then someone else may think it's worth $5.00.It depends mainly on what the individual is willing to pay and how bad they want it.Of course you have to throw in other factors like,is it rare,is it OOP,is it a well recorded copy(not all are),etc.I will not pay the stupid high prices but you might.
Value is determined at the point of sale. If you have some to sell, then ask higher than you think it might bring. You can always come down in price.
Watch ebay auctions to get an idea of the going prices for many titles. This will at least give you a ballpark idea. Some titles are quite popular while others are not which is reflected in prices paid. Condition is also important.
Disregard the "buy it now" only listings because they're generally crazy (I'm not sure what the sellers are smoking).
Agree worth and price are different to different folks.
Years back I found Cream MFSL Wheels of Fire locally for a buck over the common Cd set price. Now it is worth????
Personally i would not pay more than a buck or so over the standard CD price.. so no more MoFi for me. (though I did buy a few of the new LPs from MoFi at retail recently.)
So, if you lust for MoFi..hah hah hah... (it's too overpriced...) but, if you find some for a few bucks more than average CDs cost... buy it.
99.9% of collectable stuff is not worth the price. IF the hoarders*, and resellers were to all die off, most of the prices would be near normal. (*I mean hoarders as folks who buy multiple copies of stuff with the plan to sell some later and make money, not the hoarders who buy, and buy, and buy.. because they are basically crazy, THESE hoarders are OK in my book ;^)
I have a few, including dark side of the moon, and have compared them with many of my standard CD's. My standard ones are worth about $10, the MFSL Gold are better in most cases, I would value them at $11.
1) If you have an interest in a certain title, tracking sales on ebay, audiogon and other sites should probably give you an idea of what the going price is. Sonically, I have found some of the MFSL cds worth the premium I paid and others not.

2) When talking MFSL Cds I think you have to distinguish between looking to buy sealed copies or used copies. In my view the prices being ask for by many for sealed copies are crazy. I mean unlike LPs where condition makes a big sonic difference, with CDs it is for the most part, go or no go, it either plays or it doesn't. If it plays, then sonically the used copy is as good as the sealed copy imho.

3) Because MFSL did not always have a CD version and LP version of an individual title and, a least from my experience, certain MFSL titles show up on the market less frequently than many others (Steppenwolf s/t for example)some premium based on supply is probably justified (see early comment about premium for sonic quality).