MFSL Gold cd or Current Japanese CD?

Which ones sound better:MFSL gold cds or Regular Japanese CD pressings from 1996 to current.Next question: Has anyone heard the new SCHM cds?
A blanket statement would be meaningless as there are just too many variables.
IMO: Your question would best be answered on a title by title basis and even then it would be difficult.
The Japanese releases could number 6 or more versions from the date you mentioned, some re-mastered, possibly more than once.
In the case of SHM-CDs, there's already 2 or 3 versions on several titles in the short time they've been available.
Some MFSL CDs have also been released several times, once by the original company and then by its buyer, Music Direct.
Santana's Abraxas comes to mind.
There's also HQCD, XRCD and Blu-spec CD.
So to compare some specific titles may involve listening to 10, 12 or more CDs. I'm sure it could be done but it wouldn't be easy.
agree with above..its a cluster#@%k.
Agree with above -- it depends on the individual album and (re)mastering. A couple titles, like Peggy Lee Black Coffee, I own a couple due to differences in the mastering -- I may like a song on one and another song on another...

Strictly as far as the SHM-CDs, the claimed miracle SHM coating makes no difference that I can tell (some say it's a SHaM ;) ). I have Led Zep ZOSO (4) one from the Complete box and one of the new SHM-CD for comparison (both are the from the exact same 1994 remaster) and there is no difference I could hear on my system using a BAT Vk-D5 SE supertube player, but I will test again once I get my Accustic Arts/Audio Note combo set up...
I have quite a few Japanese SHM-m cd's and MFSL gold cd's.

I think the Led Zeppelin boxed set released last year on the Japanese pressings sound much better than the early remasters. I do agree that ZOSO is not that much improved.
"Presence", "Led Zeppelin 3", and "Led Zeppelin 1", sound alot better. Also the Stones's "Exile On Main Street" sounds better than the original remaster I have.
I have never been thrilled with Zep on cd compared
to album. I can listen to these.

The SACD versions of some of Patricia Barber's stuff
on the MFSL gold label is superb. I also like Lennon's "Imagine" on the gold label. I was a little disappointed on Santana's "Abraxas" on the gold label.

Redbook was played on a Meridian player....SACD Esoteric.
I have all the recordings from these companies and my choice would be:

1) K2HD
I guess you have your answer. Sometimes I do wish it was that simple.
BTW: There are very few K2HDs available. I had one, I personally didn't like it much.
As far as XRCD, there are XRCDs, XRCD2s and XRCD24s. Also, there are "old" Mofis (Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs) released by the original Mofi and "new" Mofis released by its current owner (Music Direct). Also, you didn't mention DCC (Dunhill Compact Classics) which also released some fine sounding CDs.
Could you clarify what you mean by "I have ALL the recordings from these companies..."?
I've got about a dozen of the SHM discs so far and I have to say that they are clearly better than any other previous versions I've had, regardless of title. But I cannot compare them to anything Gold. I have four more SHM coming in the next week so I may have something to add then.

Right now I am playing on a Sony C555es (SACD/hybrid carousel) and am planning an upgrade of some sort. My immediate goal is to put a DAC into the mix as the Sony transport section gets high marks and I like the flexibility of the changer. My local shop just brought in the new Music Hall DAC and I can demo that for 30 days.

I'm most curious to hear how the DAC will treat redbook discs of varying specs and VERY interested to hear how the SHMs sound. If there is as much uptick to the SHMs when played through the DAC I suspect I'd consider the whole thing a gamebreaker and have to spend a lot of money going forward in order to upgrade my preferred titles (no snall process or expense). I do think the potential is that high. I'll report back.