Anybody have any news to this effect? I have a Kinks release is coming soon....
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I am not sure what your question is? Do you mean SACD exclusively?.... I have the MFSL Patricia Barber SACD's and they are some of the finest recordings I have.

I sure hope they can release some software in other genres. Patricia Barber is not everyone's cup of tea.

Yes, I agree she is rather unique in her presentations. I must be in the mood to listen to her.

The Dave Alvin MFSL SACD is a hidden gem, and a CD that would appeal to anyone who likes "folk rock". I tried the Patricia Barber SACD's. Sonically, they're great, but I couldn't pretend to be "Starbuck's avant-garde" enough to enjoy the material.
Yes, MSFL is returning with SACD releases. Their new website is under construction, but you can still access their home page at When you click on the page you will be re-directed to Music Direct's website, the people who resurrected MOFI from the grave. There are several titles being released in the upcoming months.