MFSL Eagles Self-Titled

This is a review of the new hybrid MFSL SACD of the Eagles’ eponymous debut ... CD layer only. There is a lot of good here, but some bad as well.

The Good - airy, shimmering top end. Great detail in voices (especially background vocals), guitars (particularly the acoustics), and banjo. Of note is lots of microdetail in the banjo parts, which is a real revelation and a testament as to just how amazingly good Bernie Leadon is as a musician. Also, a nice and wide soundstage which allows the music to breathe. No compression that I can discern. Generally, a nice EQ, except for the drums and bass as discussed below.

The Bad - drums and bass guitar volume is low generally, making them sound somewhat veiled, recessed, and resulting in a lack of weight to the music. I don’t know whether that’s just baked into the tapes. This is particularly audible on "Take it Easy," but it does improve somewhat on other tunes like "Peaceful Easy Feeling." Another slight tweak of the knobs to the right and they likely could have gotten these elements situated perfectly overall.

In sum, I think that this is a big improvement for the S/T over other versions. Certainly, it is the best I have heard.
thx for putting in the effort to write this - well done
as i have been thinking of this on LP.
Thanks for the review.  Always good to read about music and how it sounds.
I've ordered the vinyl, as well. Considering the popularity of the Eagles, I've been amazed at the consistently crappy sound of their original albums.
I have tone controls, and like having them, but they can't put things there that are missing.
UPDATE ... as of today (9/2/21), the MoFi website states that the Eagles S/T is out of stock. Whew, that was quick.
Good to see an  earlier album recognized. My picks  are their  1st 3 releases.

Way too much praise for HC. Or maybe I'm still not over nearly 40 years of FM radio  Eagles burnout.