MFSL cd's vs. Redbook cd's

I am still fairly new to this hobby. Prior to a couple of months ago, I had never heard of Mobile Fidelity cd's. How much better sounding are these disc compared to standard redbook cd's of the same title? Do the high prices on eBay and other sites equate to a higher quality listening experience? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
I own several MFSL gold cd's.Most of the titles I own sound better than the redbook version.That being said,there is no way I would pay the high prices these things are being offered for here and on e-bay,especially used ones.Really,$500.00 for a copy of DSOTM,I don't think so!!I guess value is in the eye of the beholder and if someone wants to spend that much it is their choice.I know someone will post that "insert title here" is a collectable,that is fine,just not for me.MFSL is still releasing limited titles from time to time and this is where I buy mine.There is also an authorized MFSL seller on e-bay that doesn't jack-up the prices.I would not pay anything over what a new one from them costs,but,that's just me.Enjoy.

Thanks for your very candid response... Very helpful.
I think some of the MFSL disc sound fantastic.
They are very clean sounding with less hash and glare.

I love them but the truth is many of the recent standard redbook remasters are excellent too.

I use Rocket man as my reference track for demoing my system when I make a change or adjustment

I few of the ones I think are the best are

Honky Cheateau
Madman Across the water
Tumbleweed Connection
Goodby Yellow Brick Road
Who Are You
John Lennon
The Pink Floyd discs are great too
You can find them on ebay all the time
I like

Check out Mighty Sam on JVC XRCD too!

Just dont buy MFSL sealed copies they are overpriced

The Jon Lennon new MFSL discs are also great

1. Most MSFL gold CDs are redbook CDs (excluding newer SACDs of course). I believe they've all been re-mastered. MFSL produced aluminum CDs as well as gold CDs.

2. There have been 2 MFSLs, the original and the current one owned by Music Direct in Chicago. The vast majority were manufactured by the original MFSL. I believe the original went out of business. A few titles have been released by both entities.

3. Generally, IMO they sounded better than standard releases of the same titles available at the time (I've owned many over the years). However, in many cases even better sounding versions have subsequently been released. I also own several newer MFSL gold CDs which sound excellent.
PS: I don't believe I would pay $500 for any CD.
They're both Redbook. Many do sound better than the standard CD because of superior mastering. On balance, the differences are more subtle than extreme. Worth it? Not to me.

As Rja said Music Direct has started reissuing certain titles on gold cd under the Mobile Fidelity label within about the last year. You can see the titles on their web site.

You can buy one or two of these to see if they are worth the extra money to you.

As for older MF gold cds some may still be the best sounding, but cd sound quality is improving pretty quickly so a recent non MF remaster may sound better.

There are also Deluxe Edition and Legacy Edition aluminum cds that are remastered and are usually expanded 2 cd sets. These reissues usually offer live material or alternate takes on the second cd.

So I wouldn't spend a lot of money to get an older MF gold cd but if you can get one for a reasonable price check it out and see what you think.
Makes one really wonder---is it the 10 to 20k CD Players that make a diff, or is it the quality of the CD itself that makes most of the diff?
the mofi cd's are a hit and miss. some sound great, while others are flat and lifeless. as mentioned, some newer cd's do sound fantastic. it's great to hear that some musicians are putting time and effort (and $) into the production. in answer to Djones1915, the quality of the cd does make a huge difference, but you will realise more of that difference on a highly detailed cd player. whether that cost's $10-20k doesn't really matter, but you probably need to spend money to get the most out of the cd.
I guess it all depends on how good your hearing is Houstonjazzfan. I believe they are very worth the extra especially on 180g vinyl. Does that keep me from sying a great big breath of relief everytime I put on Yes "fragile" gold disk? Not at all my friend! Do yourself a favor if you've invested in a good system.
I always gave the DCC gold discs a slight edge over MFSL.
Thanks everyone for your responses so far. I purchased a Modern Jazz Quartet MFSL cd off of Ebay at a fairly decent price. Hopefully, my ears are good enough to notice a difference once I have a chance to play it in my system.
The MFSL release of Edgar Winter's White Trash is amazing!
I own many MFSL discs and IMHO they don't sound THAT much better than the original. XRCDs are much better!

I agree with Corby, the sound quality of older MFSL CDs is quite variable. Some are excellent while others just didn't quite make it, duds?.

Not sure if there's any guidance available other than trial and error.

The recent MFSL releases that I've heard, maybe 6 titles, have sounded excellent.
Yea I've heard that from friends who own the older issues Rja. I wonder if at all what they have changed (gain 2) or whether it's solely dependent on the initial recording quality.
It may have something to do with the quality of original tapes. Some titles may never sound very good no matter what they do with them.
I have the Rod Stewart "Every Picture Tells a Story" on MFSL CD and this is the best recorded version of this Album I have ever heard.
How does the Ricki Lee Jones 'Pirates' sound on MFSL?