MFSL CD's - Are they worth it?

I have quite a few MFSL CD's I've gotten over the years. On most remasters they sound markedly better than the original releases. I have gotten a few recently, however, that DON'T sound as good as the original. Case in point, U2's Joshua Tree. A little too warm and boomy when compared to the original also a lack in detail. As these CD's are becoming more expensive do you think they are worth the $? Do you like them?

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Thanks rec, I agree with most of what you say. I do have the Moody Blues (all of them) on MFSL CD's and I think they are better than the current remasters out there. I also have the MFSL DSOM and that sounds way better than the current remaster - I thought my original 1987 CD sounded better than the current remaster! Now Pink Floyd's The Wall MFSL version is not as good as the current remaster and no way is worth $700! I guess that's the bottom line though. Are you willing to roll the dice and pay $30 or more on a CD that might not sound as good as a currently available remaster you can pick up for a fraction of the price? Not only that but you can pretty much hear any CD now before you buy it - something you can't do with an MFSL label!