Can one hook up a Musical Fidelity X-DAC between my computer and a Naim preamp to improve the sound, or is this limited to CD use? Are there other DACs recommended that won't break the bank? (It will be for passive listening, so isn't necessary for a primary system.)
MF V-DAC is very good in this application, you can get one on 30 day trial. List is $299 but I think soneone was offering them for $250. Used would be even cheaper. Beats many much more expensive DACs. I have never had an X-DAC so can"t help you there.
yes, you can. But you may need an USB to Coax converter, such as the MF V-Link to hook it up.
@Stanwal, to which dacs have you compared it?
In my own system to Audio Synthesis DAX, Musical Fidelity TriVista 21 and Rega DAC; in my friends to Musical Fidelity A5. I think the Rega is a little better but it is as good as any of the others and better than the dac section of the A5. It beat out a lot of more expensive dacs in HIFICRITIC's tests, the Benchmark for example, and it was only slightly worse than one of the older MSB $10000 dacs. HIFICRITIC thought it was the cheapest component they had ever tested that could be used in a top end system. Sounds even better with something like my "Little Pinkie" power supply. Another friend eventually bought one after hearing mine in his system.