MF x-150 intergrated...

Is this little baby all that and a bag of chips or a bust? Most of the reviews have been stellar...I dont have a MF dealer in my any rate...Im looking for for more frequency extension at the extremes than I am currently getting with my ss rig...will this be the answer?
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List the rest of your system. It will better help us answer your question.
What's your current gear? I own one, and like it, but don't think it's necessarily the end all piece of gear under a grand.
I also own one. It has nice cosmetics, and very solid sound. I prefered it over a Rotel integrated to drive Thiel cS2.4s. I am now using it as a preamp only , and a Musical Design amp, which gives me more juice for the Thiels. I also added the X-10 v3 tube line between the CDP(X-RAY) and X-150 to tame harsh digital highs and improve dynamics. It helped some.

FYI...I am looking for another preamp now. I will keep the MF X-150 for the bedroom system I am planning. Bottom line is it is a nice unit, but not the Grail.