MF V-DAC and power supply

I know this is a very elementary question for most of you buy I'm hoping you will help. I have a pretty good basic system with:

1. Cary SLP-94 Preamp
2. Balanced Audio Technology VK200 Amplifier (SS)
3. Tube Audio Design 60 Amplifier (tube)
4. Rega P3-24 with TTPSU, upgrade subplatter (Groovetracer) and counterweight (Mitchell), Herbie's mat, Clearaudio Virtuoso cartridge
5. Cambridge Audio 650 CD player

I want to get into PC audio, so.......I ripped all my CDs into Itunes Apple Lossless. And now am at a loss (less)

I am thinking about buying a Musical Fidelity V-DAC with a power supply upgrade and using it to to play the files through my system. My questions:

1. Is the MF V-DAC good enough? That is, will I be satisfied with the sound through the system that I have or do I need something better?
2. Do I need to do anything other than hook the V-DAC through the usb port on my laptop and hit play? Or, do I need to do more in relation to lossless or to playing the damn thing?

Thanks for any help you are willing to give.
6. Acoustic Zen Adagio Speakers
Yes it is good enough, I use it with a fairly expensive/exotic system and works very well. A friend just got one also. I use the ""Little Pinkie" power supply with it and recommend it as well. To get better costs a lot more according to my own experience and HIFICRITIC tests; they take no ads and assign numerical ratings to the products they test for comparison purposes. The V-DAC was not only better than competing products like the DAC Magic [ which is quite good itself] but considerably better than much more expensive products like the Benchmark DAC. In any case you can order one with return privileges from Music Direct or Audio Advisor.
Thanks Stanwal, I was hoping that was the case. I have read a number of reviews and comparisons and the V-DAC seems to play way above it's weight class.

So do I just hook it up and hit play on my computer. Will the V-DAC pick up the highest sample rate from the lossless file?
i use the vdac with a wireworld usb and itunes lossless. sounds great. i decided to buy the puremusic player for my mac instead of the upgraded power supply so far. i also have the hrt music streamer which sounds good too but you can plug 3 different inputs into the vdac which is important to me.
Looking at your gear, I believe you will find the VDAC to be a short relationship... lacks the power supply for solid low base and complex chords. Consider a reclocker like the Mtech Evo combined with a DLink III or some like combination where the DAC has the guts to match your system capabilities. While I admire USB powered devices, I ultimately abandoned a Musicstreamer II for these reasons... the device just couldn't get enough power from USB to match up to a powered DAC fed from a low jitter PC.
My current system is Gamut L5s with 2 REL Stadium subs, CJ 350 amp, Audia Flight Pre, Meridian 200 transport and V-DAC with Little Pinkie with Oyaide PC and either Transparent Reference or VDH TFU digital cable. I just got a CD , Roadhouses and Automobiles by Chris Jones, from Stockfisch in Germany; the electric bass is so good its scary, I think this is probably the best CD I have heard; the V-DAC has no trouble with the bottom end and these are subs with output below 20 Hz. The V-DAC is not a USB powered device and is very good with the standard wall wart but considerably better with the LP.
hi, i looked that dac system up and it is the m2tech evo right. the one made in italy? looks really nice and has good specs. bet it sounds great.
Which Wireworld USB did you get?
Stanwal, I'm sure that the VDAC is a nice piece of gear. But when I say base I mean a real challenge with multiple base instruments playing against massed other instruments... in this type of music lesser DAC's start to mumble instead of sing. I also mean impact, that being hit in the chest with a phonebook sensation on drums as well.
hey, i got the violet from the cable company. i have read that the one level higher [starlight? } is even better.i have read that the kimbre company makes a good one also. it wasn't really expensive and i was told it had good performance characteristics. i have not done any comparisons at home,,just reading other opinions
Thanks Hotmail.
Hotmailjbc-I have the M2Tech EVO utilizing Windows 7
Desktop. EVO sounds good with a little emphasis in
Mid-Range. Complete P-I-T-A to install Software/Drivers.
No Paper Manual, and Downloaded Manual Instructions don't
match Installation Software Configuration step by step.
Customer is left to guess. Downloaded Installation
Software is compressed File amongst 10 Files in a Folder.
No instructions on which File to install, crap shoot for
Customer to install. Only 2 Folders can be Downloaded from
M2Tech Website-one for PC and one for Mac. Individual Files
cannot be Downloaded separately and no instructions on which File to install. Lazy Manufacturers Customer Support Tools in an extreme! Sent an E-mail to M2Tech for assistance, got a response back in Italian-Nuts! Imagine your Owners Manual for your Car written in Italian, over half the steps missing, and 90% of the Manual doesn't even apply to your Make or Model Car. You would be on the phone raising hell with someone, especially if it seriously screwed your Car up. Instead, M2Tech gets a PC Audio Medal for saving Trees. Who cares if the Device doesn't work for half of the Customers. Just imagine all of the Trees that THIS will save!
you have been at war with this for so long i thought you would have figured it out by now. ha. hang in there. glad it sounds good. i keep getting upgrade notices for my puremusic software and havn,t had the nerve to download them yet.
I figure atleast half of those purchasing the EVO are
having installation Software problems. If it is War that
is where the Trenches are. We are losing the Battle, and our General (M2Tech) is strangely absent from the
Battlefield. When you are talking about 50% casualties,
what is there to figure out? Do you need a Slide Rule?
If this is PC Audio, it is one Hell of a way to run a War!
Half of those on the Battlefront are abandoning the cause-
(PC Audio)! They are fed up, and disgusted as I am, with
the War Propaganda of Convenience in PC Audio. Things do
not look good from the Front. The War is being slowly lost.
Do you have some good News about the War that I am unaware
of? I could certainly use it right now. I am certainly not the ONLY one demoralized with the PC Audio War effort! We
lose it, it is not the Solders in the Field Fault. This lies squarely on the Generals shoulders! You are just
plesantly oblivious to what is happening in the Trenches.
Our Solders are being massacered, its bloody, and there is
no (Customer) Support for the Wounded. I am sure things look rosie from your end!
ha. not so rosie since everyone is telling me the itunes downloads i buy are crap. they sound good to me but maybe i just don,t know what good sound is,,,even after 40 years of this. i am still keeping it so simple i can,t mess it up. mac [i know you hate to hear that] with puremusic player to wireworld usb to mf v-dac to morrow mp1s to preamp. never never never have a problem and i don,t have 5 percent the experience you have had in your career with computers. as soon as i see computer lingo my brain fuzzes like i picked up a 19th century russian novel and started reading at page 100.customer support wouldn,t help me in any way but keep after them. signed , oblivious. ha
Hotmailjbc-MAC's are great! Never seen better Video Graphics than on a Desktop MAC. They also cost twice as much as Desktop PC-exception of Mini's and I-Pad's. If
I could afford it, I would go for it. I have slammed
8 more Gigs of Ram into my Desktop for $88.00. Little
more problematic with Laptops, Mini's, and I-Pad's. I suppose that it still can be done. Still like modular
design with upgrade potential that is dirt cheap. Just can't do the same inexpensively with a MAC, but if I
could afford it, you bet! Seems all of the newest, and best Music Server Programs are going MAC. If only I could
afford it (Desktop MAC), and still upgrade later (Mini's and I-Pad's?). I-Pad's, why does that sound like a Feminine Hygene Commercial-Joke! Joke!
i bought my ibook g4 reconditioned for 250.00 and installed a ss hd. new at full price is up there i agree. mi just use it for music so i didn,t need a huge hd. i use mac and pc and like both but just hate to keep spending cash on antivirus every year that barely works.
While I can't help you on your question, I want to let you know that your TT rig is killer, it's comparable to much more expensive rigs.
Hotmailjbc-Sounds like a sweetheart deal. Would love to hear the Sound Quality on it. How does it Sound, and in
conjuction with which equipment are you using it? I know what you mean with the Antivirus Stuff with PC. If Microsoft keeps sending me weekly Security Essential Updates-years of this has got to eat up Storage even on a Terrabite System. Some of us just use PC's out of economic necessity, especially modular Desktop to allow means of upgrading as finances allow. It doesn't mean that we don't drool over the Mac's. The smaller, and less expensive, Mac stuff might be a little more problematic to upgrade. Still, with a ss hd, very tempting. The thing with ss hd is half as much Storage at twice the price of standard Hard Drive. I am sure that the price will come down as Storage goes up. Sweet deal though, who did you buy it from?
The VDAC is really good, but is even better with the new power supply and PCB cap upgrades, I have done three of the VDACs, everyone is amazed at the sonic improvements; sounds like a much more expensive DAC
Ok, I ordered the v-dac, wireworld usb, and pyramid power supply. V-dac got here first with wireworld so I hooked it up using just the wall wart. Sound was thin, especially using my BAT transistor amp. A little better with the tube amp. So I kept playing to break the whole thing in. Pyramid came and the sound is better, all the sounds are there but you guys know what I mean. Lacks a bit of depth, sustain, etc.

I also connected it to my Cambridge 640c cd player (several years old) with an optial cable. Comparing the Cambridge DAC to the V-dac and the old Cambridge DAC sounds better.

As it breaks in, apple lossless files sound a bit better, but not quite as good as I had hoped.
sorry to hear that. i guess this is the first negative comment i have read about this product in 2 years. can you return it and try something else?
I think you will find that the Mac is not nearly as good as higher priced gear designed from the ground up for audio use. From everything I hear from sources I trust getting good sound from downloads is a fairly difficult and expensive proposition. As to the sound of the V-DAC, I recently had a chance to do an A-B with my back up dac, an Audio Synthesis DAX with a Ayon CD-5. All 4 of us agreed that the DAX was better although the owner of the CD-5 later recanted after rereading all the glowing reviews the CD-5 had received. The current CD-5 is in the area of $10,000 so price isn't everything. The DAX and V-DAC are close in sound but I usually listen to the V-DAC.