MF Tri-Vista 300 vs. BAT VK300XSE Integrated


Thinking about upgrading my current integrated and have narrowed down to these two amps. Wondered if anyone of you had tried/auditioned both and I would like to hear your thoughts. I know the Tri-Vista has double the power of the BAT, and about 50% higher in price, but sonically, how do they compared? Is the higher price worth the marginal difference?

I currently own a VAC Avatar tube integrated (running triode at 27wpc), driving a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Pianos and a REL sub with a Cary 303 cdp. As you would have expected, my musical preference is classical, jazz, and vocal. I would like to retain the sweet mid-range (especially with vocal), and the slightly laid back-ness and crystal transparency of the current set up, but hopefully be able to add an even broader soundstage and dynamics. So, for the 2 amps per the subject, any thoughts? Is the BAT "good enough" for my purpose? Thanks in advance for your input.

I enjoy listening to mf so musical but switching side by side to batse its like night and day I go hey the mf loses detail and bass control like crazy. ( mini nuvistor tubes were made to compete against lower power supply transistors not other tubes-hence the name nuvistor and do well except for distortion which masks inner detail and some how they get the same effect even without that puny little tube) MF is enjoyable, you may prefer, the dynamics and clarity are well served by bat se, the 6922 has less glare and can be improved or matched to your desire by nos subs. The VAC is very nice and if you just wanted more W the McIntosh ma2275 is the more logical next step on your current path, same for the Avatar Super $6k 80w and kt88 the difference is the mc more power and better at the hi-lo avatar has the mid very slight diffs and the match with speaker wins the coin toss.