MF NuVista M3 Phono Stage

I read the original Stereophile review of this amplifier and it said that the p-stage is switchable between MM and MC, although it requires opening the unit and flipping a switch. The manual states MM only. Does anyone know which is correct and/or how to make the switch?

I have the same problem. My latest thinking is that since they were so paranoid about the buyer opening the amp they may have left the info out. Mine is currently being repaired and I have ask the tech to look carefully for a switch. I am not as concerned as I was as I recently bought a Bob's Devices step up and am very happy with it. It even improved my Blue Circle 707 which is noticeably better than the M3 phono stage, as it should be as it costs $2200. I will let you know if I find out anything, please let me know if you do.
There is a switch inside and you can adjust it to MM or MC. I did that before, but cannot recall the details.
Thanks guys! Does anyone have any idea where the switch is, or better yet, have a picture of it so I know what I'm looking for when I open this thing up?
And the answer is: with the top off, on the circuit board just in front of the RCA jacks is VERY small switch - about a third of an inch - with two buttons on it. Push buttons to MC ON and thats it.

This p-stage is really good too. Better than the Tube Box I was using.