MF Nu-Vista 3DCD

Hi, all.

Just received my MF Nu-Vista CD player and it really IS a smokin' piece of machinery. Much different that the Cary 303/200 I had and more pleasing to my ears.

It uses a Sony CDM14 transport and I was wondering whether anyone knows if there's supposed to be clicking when: (a) tracks are changed manually/via remote; (b) a track is repeated; and (c) when the last track finishes and the disc ends. Also, is there supposed to be a small cutout on the bottom plate just under the transport? - seems that it's there to provide cooling as well as to give room to a certain part of the transport.

Also, if a nu-vista tube(s) needs to be replaced, what tool would I use to lift off the case and how would I know which tube needed replacement?

Anyhoo, since it's been only one day, I'll take some time before posting a review. What I CAN tell you is that soundstaging is phenominal (very, very wide) and it really does make crappy CDs sound good - Examples: The Doors first album (crappy even when remastered) sounded very good - also, my real reference is the tune "Immigration Man" from the first Nash & Crosby album - it had ALWAYS sounded thin and tinny UNTIL I played it on the Nu-Vista - the vast improvement in sonic quality was shocking.

I'd appreciate any assistance regarding my questions above. Thanks.
Hi I have owned the nu-vista 3D for about four months now and you are right it is an incredible player. I am surprised there isn't more talk about this player. I know they are getting close to their 500 max limited edition pieces. The player gets even better with time. The highs take on a much more natural sound and the brightness subsides.
Anyway, to answer your question regarding the clicking, mine clicks also after each time you described. It must be normal. After a while you just get used to it. I am not sure about changing the tubes but I don't think you have to worry about it for a long time. Enjoy your new player!
Thanks for your response. One more question: Is there supposed to be a small cutout on the bottom plate just under the transport?

As to the sound, it is quite awesome - I didn't find it bright at all. In any event, I'm sure it's gonna get even better as break-in occurs.


Yep, there is a small cutout on mine also. Never noticed it before now.
Just thought you'd like to know that Ben from Kevro (the distributor for MF) spoke with a couple of dealers AND Antony Michaelson (MF's Managing Director) about my questions ... talk about GREAT customer service. Anyway, the dealers and Mr. Michaelson confirmed that the clicks in the transport are normal, so I'm good to go.

Thanks to Ben at Kevro, Musicmannj and Mr. Michaelson for courteous and swift resolution of my questions. Now, I'm off to enjoy my Nu-Vista CD which is powered by my MF A3cr pre-amp and A300cr power amp. Really folks, these are extremely excellent sounding components with superb build quality. If you haven't done so already, you should check them out. I did and am a VERY satisfied customer.


I agree with all of the above responses. I have had the Nuvista 3D virtually since it became available in the US and I can attest that it is superb, especially with CDs produced in later years. In fact, let me confirm that the sound will improve with time for many months of use. So the best is yet to come!!
Yes, the 3D is a wonderful player. I have # 7 in the production run of 500, and I can truthfuly say that it is all everyone has touted. If you have CD's that are artfully and sonically crafted, they will glow... no, dazle you if played on the MF 3D. I'am so glad I ordered mine when I did, I think they are sold out of this production run. Enjoy the music as if you are there...