MF Beatle Boxes are awfully dear.

Back in the 80's, I was looking for a box set of Beatle records, and a set of Japanese pressings on high quality vinyl sounded better, to me, than the MF, which seemed to have exagerated bass (not so unusual for MF records) and not so much clarity in the highs. Several reviewers shared that view. Older mono Parlophones were considered by many to be ultimate versions of the genre (the artificial stereo versions of the early records can be irritating - like hearing George play in one channel while singing in the other). Now, the MF sets seemingly command the highest prices. Did the "conventional wisdom" somehow change, over time, did everyone just "forget", a younger generation just doesn't know any better, some strange artifact of marketing hype, or what?
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Not sure if you bought the same thing, but I have the Beatles Collection blue box that was issued in Japan - the original '79 version pressed with Apple labels.

Can anyone tell us if there's something about these pressings which are vastly inferior to the MFSL box??

These Japan Apple pressings seem awfully nice to me - not to mention that the records are flat and quiet!
Don't know if everyone just"forgot".Maybe they just had a different opinion than "several reviewers".As far as "conventional wisdom" Nixon was re-elected by a landslide,go figure.While I don't feel anyone could accuse me of being a Beatle fan I have the UK blue box.I listened to "Let It Be" this week on Factory recorded Reel to Reel vs. MoFi LP.Reel wins easily.As the owner of over 50,000 records it's hard to say it but Reel To Reel was probably the best format ever.
"Reel To Reel was probably the best format ever"

Could very well be.

I heard a recent high quality reel-to-reel orchestral recording on an all MBL system recently. It outdid both vinyl and digital recordings available for comparison. I think the recording sold for something like $350 dollars, the dealer told me though. That's pricey!

I used to record radio broadcasts onto hifi VHS, which is still around. That is not so bad either.
I had the Blue Beatles box and Liverpool Box (odeon). Both were Japanese pressings. While warmer sounding than the MF set, I definitely preferred the focus and clarity of the MF pressings. On the other hand, I found the Stones MF box set to be on the bright side.
Not just the Beatles sets are (over) pricey on MFSL records but some of the individual LP's from them are getting ridiculously out of hand in price for both used and sealed. I realize that being long out of print makes them more scarce therefore can demand a higher price but its silly now in my opinion anyway. I have to agree some of them just are not as good as the japanese pressings but I have also heard (and own) originals that sound superior to both. The Classic records re-issues are also getting overpriced and some are not that good some are....Sorry for the rant but in answer to your actual question " Did conventional wisdom some how change over time"... Yes it did , it is replaced by some who must own something conceived to be rare and expensive and trophy cased for eyes only that only the few have. I just have a different take on it, Lp's to me are artifacts of no real value sitting unused and unopened on a shelf. Placed on a turntable with a needle in their grooves they come to life and fulfill their purpose of bringing hundreds upon hundreds of hours of enjoyment. After all it is about the music, isn't it ? Glad to see some still remember just how good Reel to Reel is also. Cheers
I believe its supply & demand. There are alot less MFSL than the other and is US only release. The blue box stereo was released in many countries and for the most part sound similar. Now look at the limited mono released box sets both black & red only released in the UK & Japan, MFSL box set is cheap compared to them. Open box set MFSL $500 to $900. Limited open mono from 1200.00 to 2000.00 to start the bidding. I have seen sealed box sets by MFSL but never a sealed red or black box set. IT's all supply demand even in the used department.
thanks for the info, I didn't realize some of those things were available. Not really feasable for me to go down the mono or open real path, though, at those prices.


I had the Blue Beatles box and Liverpool Box (odeon). Both were Japanese pressings. While warmer sounding than the MF set, I definitely preferred the focus and clarity of the MF pressings]

For someone who's not a serious Beatles collector or anything like that, I could have done much worse than ending up with the Japanese blue Apple box?

Just wanted to be certain that I didn't end up with lousy-sounding copies of the albums.
You can build a set. Open single LP's for the most part are cheaper, MFSL or Japanese. It will take time thats all. I feel the mono japanese are the most reasonable for mono and the stereo recording can be had for less. The best mono's are UK but they will set you back some cash. I am still trying to get a 68 UK Mono White album in VG++ or NM for 400.00 but no luck. Most sellers on audiogon are more reasonable with cost than on Ebay but not always.
Check this out on EBay
Item #160325191686.
Japanese Beatles Blue box set.

I feel pretty lucky now having seen this auction...think I got mine off ebay for $175 shipped (roughly 6 years ago), and it's in better shape than this one!