MF A5 vs LK85/magik aktiv with Tukan small room?

small listening room. Very fond of my old Linn Tukans,perhaps overly so, but there it is; currently using them with their onboard x-overs. NAD 3155 now sleeps with the fishes. Pondering replacement amp choices around the $1200 USD range or less. Choice needs phono board since this is a vinyl room. Thinking of these:

(1) go Linn aktiv by buying used cards, an old magik integrated with phono, plus an LK 85. guessing the price is around 1100 all told for that before I pay a dealer (if can't DIY) to switch over the Tukans and put cards into the amp.

(2) Get a MF A5.

If I spent less on amplification, such as pick up another 3155 (etc.), I could upgrade my old TD150mkII with its original TP13 and a Grado Gold to a better vinyl source sooner although it has been my assumption that to make a big difference in sound quality would require spending nearly a thousand USD and buying and paying someone to install at least a new much better tonearm. I am bothered by inner groove compression and distortion.

I don't have time to listen to a lot of different gear, and we don't presently in Houston have a retail Linn "stockist" (as you say across the pond) so for Linn dealer assist I suppose I would be driving three hours to Austin. We have a local dealer selling the VPI and Rega tables.

I listen mostly to music made from acoustic instruments (chamber, orchestral, jazz). I prefer to spend money on records than gear but think I may have thrifted myself into a situation where I could make some big audible improvements for not terribly large sums of money...

I will thank all for suggestions and observations.
Tukans are a match made in heaven with Naim. I have had several pairs of them myself. Used Linn and Naim gear, though not active. To me Naim sounds better with them. Never heard MF gear with them, but I suspect it would not be a perfect match. Tukans are flat earth and need an amp that can bring out the best.
with a NAIT I will need an outboard phono stage but there is price room for it.

The former Linn dealer here spoke almost mystically of the profound effect "going active" would have on the Linn loudspeakers.

I also saw someone say the active solution works because it removes crossover "inefficiency". However if the amplifier is fully powered for the job, seems like power losses through the crossover circuit should not be to effect?

Anyway thank you for your thoughts. I wonder why you would prefer a Naim Nait 5i to a MF A5 which on paper at least looks to be the stronger contender.

Buy a Naim NAIT 5i (or better) + 3.5 meter (12') of NACA 5 and live happily ever after.