MF A5 is messed up

I turned it on and all that is coming out of the speakers is a terrible screaching sound. I have had bad tubes in components before(never a cd play though), but I do not remember a sound such as this. Could it be just a bad tube? Any iput or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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Sounds like a serious case of microphonics to me. The bad part is that the tubes are soldered in place. I don't understand why MF continues to solder tubes into their tubed components when most manufacturers use sockets. For the convenience of the end user, they need to be using sockets to make replacement of tubes a simple thing.
Call Signal Path, MF service in the US is fantastic. They can help over the phone, and if needed, send for repair - VERY fast turnaround time, excellent service.
Hi Jodus001,
When it comes to Signal Path's service I have to disagree with you. I thought that after owning a $6500 SACD player as my Musical Fidelity Trivista and sending it to them for a check up after having reading disc problems I thought I was going to get a very good service from Signal Path.
After contacting them ( Rick Walker) and getting a RA# I sent the unit to them. The Trivista was delivered on Thrusday April 19th at exactly 9:00am. I placed a called to them on Friday April 21 to get an update on the unit since I have not received a call, just an email on Wednesday the 19th just letting me know that they had received the unit.
They told me on Friday that they have not even open the box to look at the unit. They told me to call on Monday to get an update. I called Monday April 24 around 2:45pm (since they close at 3:00pm) and they told me that they did not have a chance to look at the unit but that they will start working on it on Tuesday. I waited a day and decided to call on Wednesday April 26 and spoke to Kristina who told me to hold on while she went to get an update on the unit. After waiting a few minutes a man came to answer the phone and asked me what I was waiting for? I told him that I was waiting for Kristina to give me an update on my Musical Fidelity Trivista. He told me with an "annoying" type of voice that the unit was on the bench being tested and that they found a gear that was missing a tooth and dirt on the Laser Signal Path. He told me that they will leave the unit playing for a few days to make sure all is working well before returning the unit to me. He also told me that they will send me an "email" with an update on the unit. Well all I received that Wednesday night was an email from Rick Walker telling me exactly what I was told during the day.

Today is Tuesday May 1st and I am still waiting for either an email or a phone call from Signal Path concerning the status of my unit. I don't want to call just yet because someone got annoyed that I called there twiced last week just to get an update on my unit. I am going to wait until tomorrow to see what happens but truthfully I am Really Disappointed with Signal Path's Service. They have not even placed one phone call to me just as a courtesy. All the phone calls have been done by me and all they have done in almost 2 weeks is send me 2 emails.
Maybe this might be an isolated case with me but the truth is that I am "REALLY DISAPPOINTED" with their service.

Musical Fidelity CD players and one of the best in the market and the A5 is one of the best under $5000. Your problem might just be a small thing that can be repair.Hope you can get it repair fast so you can enjoy such a great player.

My Best Regards,


I don't want to call just yet because someone got annoyed that I called there twiced last week just to get an update on my unit.

It's more appropriate for the client to be annoyed rather than the customer service.
Carlos, It's only been 8 working days, not 2 weeks. Relax and let them fix/test it.
Guys, thank for the feedback.
Because my service from MF was so good I feel compelled to agree with Merganser, most people would be thrilled with a turnaround of less than two weeks. Don't call the techs, call Signal Path's main line and talk with a main rep and tell him your issue if you must, but a little patience will pay off. I read another post of yours berating MF for their issue with your TriVista, and then you praised them - now back to disappointment! I hope it all works out for you, be patient.
I think you are right Merganser. I am just going to wait until they call me to let me know how everything is going with my Trivista. It's just that I miss my Trivista but I hope that they can repair the problem so I wont have to take up on their offer of a Brand New KW DM25 System for $900.00. It is still a good deal considering that the whole system cost $7000 but it just wont play SACD's and I have around 50 of them.
I will keep you posted of the outcome and thanks for your comments.
Hi Jodus001-

Thanks for your comments. I am going to be patient and wait until they call me. Besides all I want is to have my Musical Fidelity Trivista repair and back home.
I know every company has a different way of providing service. I think that the reason I felt they were taking long to get this unit repair was because last year I shipped a 90lbs Parasound Halo JC1 Monoblock to be repair in California(Minded that I am in NY City) and once they received it in the morning they repaired it the same day and shipped it back to me the next day. The whole process took only 2 weeks and out of those two weeks 10 days was just for traveling.
I also wanted to make a correction as far as praising Signal Path. In that post that you read I was not praising Signal Path, I was just posting the Update on the Trivista and I was just Happy that the problem was not the Transport Mechanism (which would have rendered the Trivista Obsolete)as they thought but just a minor problem.
As I said before perhaps my experience with them is just an Isolated incident. Maybe they are very busy!! Who knows. The only thing I thought they should have done from the begining after a few days of receiving the unit was to just placed a courtesy call to me to let me know where everything stands and not wait for me to be the one to do so. But I do thank you very much for your comments/opinions.

My Best Regards,