MF A5 CD Player or M1CDT with Arcam AVP700?

My system consists of an Arcam AVP700 AV Processor with a Mark Levinson ML-9 amplifier and Martin Logan reQuest speakers (you can see it on the "Featured Members" section at the Hub). I am researching CD players. Currently, I have a Samsung Blu-Ray DVD Player and an old Sony 5 disc CD changer that play my CDs, DVDs and SACDs. In my search, I have auditioned the Marantz CD 5004 and have done a lot of reading on various players like Arcam, Krell, Planet, Linn and Musical Fidelity. As I am on a tight budget, I will have to save up for about a year to get what I want around the $800 range.

For some reason, I really am drawn to Musical Fidelity products, especially the MF A5 CD player and the M1 CDT CD transport. I was wondering if I should a) buy the A5 to hook up via RCA, b) buy the A5 and use it as a transport by hooking it up via digital RCA, c) buy the M1CDT and link it up via digital RCA cable and let the Arcam AVP software do the DAC work.

Your thoughts?
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