MF A3cr Preamp Review

Wes Phillips has posted his review of Musical Fidelity A3cr preamp at To sum up his findings "Belongs in the top rank of all the preamplifiers I have auditioned." At under $1500 new appears to be great product, Sam Tellig will review A3cr amp/preamp and A3cd player in October Stereophile. Anyone using A3cr amp/preamp now and do you agree with Wes Phillips?
I don't have the preamp, but I have the amp, and yes, it is the best solid state amp I have ever heard, better even than Krell. I wish there was a way to hear the preamp without buying it.
Dusty, what system are you using A3cr in? Do you own other MF products or is this your first purchase? Sam BTW I own several MF pieces, and will probably be buying A3cr set to add to collection.
Yes, I also have the X-Can and the X-Pre, and I like them all. System: MSB Link DAC III (I don't mention the transport because I'm embarassed about it, and I'm getting a Rega), X-Pre, X-Can v2, Beyerdynamic DT770, Sunfire Jr. sub (x2), Spendor S3/5 (pair)...and MF A3CR amp. It sounds great on Spendors. I also go back and forth to tubes (Jolida JD102B), when it's not too hot.