MF A3cr Power Amp Versus A3.2 Power Amp

I have an A3.2 Integrated amplifier and have recently Bi Amped. The 3.2 running the tweeters on my Mission 752 Freedoms and the A3cr Power Amp running the Woofers. The difference was quite stunning. There are no comparisions between the 3.2 power and 3cr power amps. Will only be used for Woofers. Would it be worth upgrading again to a 3.2 power.
hi, when you runing bi amp and did you hear any different , and any noise is coming from tweeters, thank you
there was no unwanted feedback or noise coming from the tweeters at all, i have recently upgraded speakers to linn espeks and still no noise or feedback coming from now tweeters and mids.

running the extra amp improved the sound stage and bass response, i now feel that any other amplification upgrade is not necessary the law of deminishing returns with hifi is my reasoning.

just bought a stello da220 dac, what a hifi bargain. now the source is also complete.