MF A308 vs Simaudio Celeste 4150se w/ Polk LSi9

Hi all.  Slowly moving back into a listening system.  Looking for a good integrated with the ability to power these LSi9s and eventually something else that might or might not need lots of power to drive.  I will be mostly listening to Vinyl with a preference for Jazz and Rock.  Although sometimes some EDM will be pumped.  I do have a couple of phone preamps, but i'm not married to them.  

I've had the MF a5 in the past.  It was my first dive into high end audio and liked it.  Of course, I didn't have much to measure it against at the time.  I did find it somewhat fatiguing at times.

It seems like i can get the Celeste cheaper which would allow me to get at least 1 more nice interconnect.  That's definitely appealing.
You're talking about two different types of components. The MFA308 is an integrated amplifier and the Celeste is a straight power amplifier, not an integrated amp. So, while the Celeste is cheaper, you'll also need a preamp.
Silly me!  How about the MF A308 CR power amp vs the Celeste?  They seem to be in the same range.  I have an Accurus RL-11 lying around i could use both with.