MF A300 or A3.2 for my von schweikert vr2?

Hi all. Bought a pair of von Schweikert vr2 and now I'm looking for an integrated amp to drive them.
I'm listening to rock music.
I can get a musical fidelity 300a for about 1100$ or musical fidelity 3.2 for 950$ or so.
Does anyone have any experience with these amps and this combo particularly?
Which amp is better for these speakers?

Although not the ones you ask about, I have owned 4 MF integrated amps, X-A100R, A3, A308, and A5. They will definitely sound more alike than sound different. I still own and use the A308.

I would choose the A300. It is one generation older than the A3.2, however a step up in the line of MF integrated amps. The A3 and A300 were current at the same time. The A3 was replaced by the A3.2, with the A308 replacing the A300. IMHO, the sound of the A300 will be closer to the A308, and sound of the A3.2 will be closer to the A3.
I've owned the A3, A3.2, and A308. The A308 was the best, but I currently own the 3.2 and really enjoy it. I bought it about two months ago and bought it for less than $600. So don't pay 950 for the one you are looking at.
everything here in Israel is more expansive than in the US.
i have mentioned the price just to give a proportion to the difference.