MF A3.2 versus new X series

Hi Folks:

At an audio society meeting recently when we compared the sound of headphone amps, I heard for the first time the Xcan V2 which was supurb. That was the first X series release from the company I ever came in contact with. On a related subject: I have heard numerous times the older A3.24 dac as well as the Trivista Dac and am wondering if the newest Xdac is better than the above or better than the A3.24. Your opinions appreciated.

Greetings, I haven't heard the other MF DACs your referring to, but I am running the MF XDACV3 powered by the XPSU and a X10V3 buffer, all connected with Revelation Audio Labs power cables. The combined effect of this set-up is by far the best I've ever heard at any price. Happy Listening