MF 3.5 and Outlaw 2150

I am narrowing down to two amps, the Musical fidelity 3.5 and the Outlaw RR2150. Any advice?
What is your budget, because the MF is 2 1/2 times the price of the Outlaw? If cost is not an issue, the MF 3.5 is the better pure amp, but you can do a lot more with the Outlaw. A more reasonable comparison for the Outlaw is the NAD C320BEE and I like the Outlaw better in that comparison.

I own the Outlaw RR2150 now and owned an earlier version of the MF 3.5 (A3.2). The MF is a more elegant sounding amp. It's the next step up in terms of cleaner and clearer sound.

What speakers will you be using?


SF Concertino. I suspect that they probably go best with MF. BTW, is does the MF 3.2 have separate power transformers, or just separate amplifiers?
The A3 has a dual mono configuration, with a separate power transformer for each power amp, and separate windings for the preamp and remote control.

When Fremer reviewed the Outlaw RR2150 for Stereophile, he tried a number of different speakers and they all faired pretty well. I think that your Concertinos would go with either amp. I just find the MF a notch or so better overall. If this were for my main system, I would go with the MF. For a second system, the Outlaw would be fine.


To my ears the outlaw 2150 out classed the nad in sound quality and it may well be the one of the amps to beat in the under $ 1000 dollar price range. I have also compared it to the magmun danalab receiver which was more extened in the high frequences, middle range about the same hard to tell the difference, bass frequences outlaw had the edge.
I also compared it to other highly favorable amps, the outlaw was not outshined as one would think. go figure