MF 3.2 v MF 3.5 v Valve Audio Exc. v Creek 5350se

Would like your opinion on an integrated to replace my Audiolab 8000S which has gone on the fritz.

I'm considering all of the above, plus the anthem integrated 2 and the jolda jd-1501rc as replacements.

Rest of set-up consists of Michael Green Audio Design Rev.60i floorstanders, MMF 2.1 turntable, and Sony C222ES CD changer.

Recommendations? Thoughts? Trying to keep the budget under 900 or so. The A3.2 and 5350Se are appealing because both have built-in phono stage so I could ditch mine (creek obh-8).

I listen to vocal jazz, classical, downbeat lounge (think thievery corporation and zero 7) most of the time, with the random alternative rock thrown in.

Thanks for your thoughts!
I have the Sony SACD Modded c222 changer which worked very well with my MF 3.2 and M20 speakers in a fairly small room semi nearfield set up. Plent of power, loads of bass ( if it was on the recording ) and smooth, musical albeit slightly laid back presentation with excellent imaging. Some reviewer said 'tenth row'. The MF 3.2 had two minuses for me. No balance control, and rather bright blue LED's at night. I still have the amp in it's box and would let it go for $630 ( good price ). It's in perfect working condition, still pretty low hours. I know the remote function works, but I do not have the remote. If that interests you, you may contact me. The Creek has less power, but was a Stereophile recommeded component. Check their review of both. I don't know anything about the MF 3.5. In any event, any of those will do an admirable job. Good Luck to you. I'm emailing from school, my home email is

I have had and listened to lots of integrateds in this price range. The ones that standout above the rest are the Creek 5350 SE, Myryad Z140, and Audio Refinement Complete. Check out my system page for lots more info - or just email me.