MF-2500A match with Focal

After long hours researching the subject I am almost convinced that pairing 836 v w speakers with MF-2500A will be a better choice over Musical Fidelity M6-i. I understand focals are bright, detailed speakers, and also know that I should take them to a local dealer and try out few amps. Anyways, I would like to get some feedback from the board if I am going in the right direction. Is there anyone who had a chance to listen to Focals 800 series hooked up to CJ MF-2500A or MF M6-i?
The CJ, in my opinion, would be a much better match. The MF is very solid state sounding. The pacing is very good but its a lean sounding amp. The CJ does a very good job at bridging the gap between ss and tubes. The MF does not.
I still kick myself for selling my CJ MF-2500A.
Thanks for your feedback. I decided to get a new a-s2000. I don'd doubt the CJ unit is outstanding amplifier (based on a research I've done) but i worried that its capacitors might be worn out to the point that it affects sound quality. I will probably get a current CJ model sometimes next year, when i'll upgrade to a bigger sound.