metrum octave dac or cary or wyred4sound and more

hi my friends i m read alot about this metrum dac and im consider it seriouesly.but i like to know few things :
1.i have small ion pc of fujitsu and have only toslink outpot port from my digital port of my small i like to know if its importent to consider it bcz metrum doesnt have usb in.i like to know how it will be the resault what u thinks ?

2.because the metrum is nos dac how it can play hiraz files music with good quality (is it importent) what the diffrent ?
3.i have leben amp cs600 and devore nines speakers what will be the best match for my system : metrum or cary exiter dac or wyred 4 sound dac1/2 ? what the diffrent between them what more musically and match for my system

thanks alot hope to get alot response and opnions ..
bye .
Since nobody is replying, I'll help with what I can:

1. You should consider a USB to SPDIF converter between your laptop and DAC, such as Audiophileo.

2. The Octave will play hi-rez natively up to 24/176, so 24/192 files would need to be played at 24/96. NOS means a file won't be upsampled, regardless of bit depth and sample rate, so whatever goes in gets converted to analog, up to 24/176.

3. I don't know.

I hope this helps some.
I'll add a little more...

1. Agree with Lewinskih01

2. Some Octaves will pass 24/192...not sure why they all don't but Lewinskih01 is correct about them only being rated 24/176.4.

3. I'm using a Metrum Octave with Shindo/Devore 9's and loving it. This is similar sound signature to your Leben gear.
Last weekend several of us did a direct comparison between the Xcitor and the Octave and it was not close. There was no area in which the Xciter came close. The consensus was that there was a lack of resolution and defused image focus compared to the Octave.