Metrum Octave dac is it sound really better ?

hi my friends.
it was very nice to reads all this good things about metrum dac.i wonder alot if this dac with compare to anothers dacs like i was sound in my country (that dont have metrum dac to hear ),i listen in to teddy dac,cambridge audio azur 840 c ,rdac,ORX jade 1 .and when i compare between them there wasnt diffrent between Rdac of arcam to cambridge audio azur 840 c and teddy dac that was alot expensive then my rdac.i wonder if this bzzz around this metrum dac that not so expensive will give the sound a reall imporvment ??
i wish it will be sound like a reall good cd player like the EAR Acute is it ???
my system is :
FUJITSU ION PC i use usb port
FOOBAR 2000 MEDIA i set the output in foobar to kernal stream .

i hope to hear alot of response and i really consider to buy the metrum octave dac (i cant hear it in my country israel ) the only way is to trust you my dear friends i hope u will help me . THANKS ALOT
I sold a LampizatOr Level 3 in favor of a Metrum Octave and prefer the Metrum by a significant margin.
The digital source jitter makes or breaks this DAC, as in most DACs. Customers report that it is excellent, however some have had problems with 24/192. Some work and some don't.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio

Unfortunately I have the same issue: can't audition. By all accounts it sounds special, so I went ahead and ordered one. If it's not special enough I will likely be able to sell it at a small discount.

A couple of things to keep in mind:
- The Metrum does not have USB input. You mention you use the USB port in your laptop. You will need a USB-to-S/PDIF converter between laptop and Metrum. Look into a couple of threads discussing this in this forum.

- The Metrum is specified up to 24 bit / 176 kHz, and only 1 in 100 are said to work up to 192. This is only an issue if you have many 24/192 albums, which I don't.

My estimation is a laptop + good USB-to-S/PDIF converter + Metrum will outperform many CD players at the same price point. It should be even better with hi-resolution files (24 bit), which CD can't support. I have not tried this, though, hence it's an estimation.

Nice amp and speakers, BTW.

I hope this helps.

Shabat Shalom!
" My estimation is a laptop + good USB-to-S/PDIF converter + Metrum will outperform many CD players at the same price point ".

im wonder if i will connected like this(from my ion pc of fujitsu q1500 ,usb to s/pdif to the metrum dac) ,is it sound really better then cd player like the E.A.R Acute (that is the best cd player im heared)? can someone compare them ? and another importent thing is this metrum octave dac will be much better for all the ears (even not only for audiophile people ) then my Rdac of arcam dac that sound very good with compare to my cd player Cary cdp1 is the same level with with my rdac the only thing that the cary was better is the high gain bout when i set the volume in my amp higher it was equal comparing.
thanks alot for the response and i wish you people will write me more response for what i ask .
shabat shalom

I don't think there is a "best" whatever in audio. Personal tastes come into play and some people would claim component A as the best (to their ears) while others will sure not agree. So EAR, while good, it's likely not "the best" CD player.

For the same reason the Metrum is not going to be the preferred DAC by all people. I think what matters, though, is what YOU like.