Metrum Octave and 192khz?

I'm considering buying the Metrum Octave even though it has 2 hurdles for me (1) no volume control for direct to amp (2) no stated support for 192khz. I can probably live with out the volume control. Comments online look like folks have had both success and failures using the Octave for 192Khz. So consider this an informal poll for any willing Metrum Octave owners to help me and other fellow audiogon members considering the Octave to understand how likely 192khz would be to work or if a particular input device improves the chance it will work

1) are you able to get 192khz sync reliably with your Metrum Octave (yes/no)?
2) what input device(s) are you using when you try to sync 192khz with your Metrum Octave?

any shared user experience here deeply appreciated
Timlub, what the garbling means is that at 192khz the DAC has synched at the wrong speed so that the music behaves like the text below
B_ts_and _iec_s of t_he d_igi_tal _rea_m ar_ lo_t

so that no fidelity exists.

So so far it sounds like 192khz is a big gamble with the metrum octave whereas for every other DAC at the price, its basic functionality. Hope Metrum gets their act together and puts out a MkII or update that does lock 192khz in...I just can't accept the loss of what sounds so great on my current DAC. Much appreciate the comments of the current Metrum Octave owners.
Thanks for the explanation David. I guess you thought that I had no idea of what garbled was.... I've been using computer audio for 3+ Years now, been through 3 dacs and 2 usb to spdif converters. I'm sure that I know what garbling is... Try switching to Kernal output or not. I was only trying to offer a suggestion.
Mine initially was warbled, then I did something (scratching my head very slowly) and I'll be damned if I can remember what I did but it worked!
Timlub, I agree that KS is best, haven't used anything other than KS whenever possible for several years. Add to that Fidelizer in extremist mode and Jplay in xstream mode combined for best possible digital outcome on PC
I took an inventory several weeks ago... out of ~500 albums on my PC I had exactly 3 that were 192khz. So after much soul searching I decided to take the plunge and buy the Metrum. And go figure, Eagles/Hotel California at 192khz worked immediately with the Jk MKIII async USB converter. Loving the DAC for its naturalness so far, and it definitely seems to improve with each hour of break in.